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Extended Style Fender Flares

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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What are extended flares?

Extended flares are flares that provide you with extra tire coverage. They are usually extra wide to accomodate large tires. Because the flares are wide, in most cases they also have a little extra height to them, which can help you hide rust.

If you have large or oversized tires, you may be legally required to purchase extended fender flares (or another large flare style, such as pocket flares), so that your tires are fully covered. Laws vary from state to state, but most states have a requirement. Always check with your state's DMV for legal requirements.

What's the difference between extended and pocket flares?

Generally speaking, the only difference is that extended style flares do not have the pocket/rivets in them. The pockets/rivets make it look like your flares are bolted on to the truck, giving it a more aggressive look on the road. These bolts are usually just for looks, it is actually bolted from behind or underneath.

With extended flares, they are no visible bolts or pockets. If you don't want a super aggressive look, but need extra tire coverage, the extended flares are a good option for you.

How far do the extended flares stick out?

It varies depending on brand and what you drive - we have hundreds of extended flares available for sale on our website. Our website and product page will list the tire coverage (extension) and height (helpful to cover rust) for each set, so you can find the right set for your needs.

Extended flares can be anywhere from 2" all the way up to 6". Typically the 6" wide flares are made for Jeep Wranglers, because the body style better accommodates extra large flares.

Will I be able to park with extended fender flares?

Extended fender flares can add an extra challenge when it comes to parking.

It will be a little more difficult to fit your truck into a standard garage, or to park at the grocery store. Since you already have a truck, and likely already have large tires, you may already be used to this.

If you park in a garage, you may want to take some measurements to make sure the extra width will not interfere with your ability to park. Keep in mind, the flares go on both sides, so double the tire coverage amount!

Will these flares cover rust?

Because extended flares have oversized tire coverage, they typically also have oversized height. The exact amount depends on what truck you drive, and what brand of flares you have. The tire height can range anywhere from 2" to 6". If you have rust around the wheel well, a set of extended flares can help you cover it up.

Keep in mind, that if you have rust around your wheel well, you may need to do a custom installation, drilling, or use self-tapping screws to install the flares. This is the case if the rust interferes with the standard installation, such as rust around the factory mount point locations.