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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What's the benefit of a snap tonneau cover?

Snap tonneau covers are the most economical and cheapest truck bed covers available. These tonneaus have a very simple operation - a rail support system, and a vinyl cover that has snaps along the edges. This makes the tonneau cheap to produce, and as a result, a cheaper selling price.

Additionally, because they are cheaper to produce, and don't take a lot of inventory space (especially compared to hard shell tonneaus), snap tonneaus are usually available for older or rarer trucks.

Are snap tonneau covers convenient?

Snaps tonneau covers are very easy to use, but they aren't the most convenient tonneau cover. If you are looking for convenience, we'd recommend a folding tonneau cover. The snap tonneaus take longer to cover because you have to snap each of the snaps for proper closure.

The trade-off is that snap tonneau covers are much cheaper. If you just need a quick, cheap and dirty truck bed cover, a snap tonneau cover might be just what you need.

For older trucks, a snap tonneau cover may be one of the only options available to purchase.

Are snap tonneau covers secure?

They do provide some security, but they are the least secure of all the tonneau covers.

Anytime you cover your belongings, you are securing them to an extent. Most thieves go for items that are in plain sight, or just a quick grab and run. If they see a covered truck, they may quickly pass yours and move on to the next truck.

However, it's not going to stop all thieves. The snaps are very easy for anyone to open, so they can take a quick peak inside. It will be difficult for them to see the contents of the entire truck bed without opening the entire vinyl cover. But if the thief is determined they will be able to see what you are hiding.

The snap cover can be opened very quickly, but it does add some deterrence. For ultimate security, we would recommend a hard cover that is lockable. You can't slash or cut through a hard cover like you can with vinyl, and most tri-folds or retractable tonneau covers can be locked at the tailgate.

Are snap covers easy to install?

Yes, most snap covers are very easy to install. At its core, a snap tonneau is very simple - some clamps and cross-frames, with the vinyl tarp going over the top. It's easy to move and carry around, making it an easy job for 1 person.

In contrast, hard covers, especially hard shell covers, usually take 2 people to install.

Can the vinyl withstand hard weather?

All the tonneaus that we sell are proven to be very durable. We wouldn't sell them otherwise.

With that said, vinyl is still prone to wear and tear. Some people find themselves needing to replace the vinyl after a few years, especially if your tonneau cover is getting heavy usage.

For the vast majority of people this isn't a problem and your vinyl should last you for as long as you own your truck.