Chevrolet C/K Tonneau Covers

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The Chevrolet C/K truck helped transform the modern day truck into a real workhorse and put a truck in millions more garages than ever before. When you're on the road or parked somewhere in the public, your cargo will remain vulnerable to thieves and weather. That's where the Chevy tonneau covers come into play- not only will they protect your truck cargo from passerbys, it will protect your cargo from wind, rain, sleet and snow- you name it. And that little bit of a boost you get with the gas mileage savings puts the cherry on top, helping you regain some of that hard-earned money. Our Chevy C/K truck bed covers are available for the 88-04 C1500, C2500, C3500, K1500, K2500 and K3500. If you have a Chevy C/K, we have a tonneau cover for you.