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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What's the difference between the Retrax Pro and One Series?

The Pro Series is made with an aluminum frame, while the One series is made with Polycarbonate.

Simply put, the Pro series is the highest quality frame, but comes at a higher cost than the polycarbonate frame.

The polycarbonate "One" series Retrax tonneau cover will be perfectly suitable for the vast majority of people.

If you plan to get heavy usage out of your Retrax truck bed cover, you may want to consider the upgrade to the "Pro" aluminum series.

What's the difference between MX and XR Series?

The MX series is the standard truck bed cover. The XR series is an upgraded tonneau cover that is compatible with most T-slot accessories like bike racks, kayak holders, etc. It also allows for extra storage capacity both above and below the tonneau cover.

Unless you are adding additional accessories to your Retrax bed cover, we'd recommend going with the standard MX series. This will save you some money, as well.

Why is the Retrax power tonneau covers so expensive?

The Retrax power tonneau covers are the most convenient truck beds, by far. They come with a key fob that allows you to open and close your bed cover with the click of a button. You really can't get any more convenient than that.

But it does come with a heftier price tag. The price for a Retrax power tonneau cover ranges anywhere from $2,099 to $2,799. The power tonneau covers come with a highly durable motor and extra electronics, which is why the price is much higher.

The manual tonneau cover is still extremely easy to open and close, and is suitable for most people. But if you are okay with the heftier price tag, you really can't beat the convenience of an electronic truck bed cover.

Do you sell Retrax replacement parts?

We do not sell Retrax replacement parts, but if your Retrax tonneau cover was purchased from us, send us an email with the part you're looking for. We're more than happy to help you find the part you're looking for. If it's a warranty claim, we'll even assist you with filing and submitting the warranty claim, and will submit it on your behalf.

How fast will I get my Retrax tonneau cover?

Every Retrax tonneau cover that is listed on our website as "in stock" actually is! We do not list backorders or manufacturer dropships. If you are able to order it on our website, that means it's in stock and on the shelf, ready to ship out to you. We ship all Retrax tonneau covers the same business day, as long as it's ordered before the shipping cut-off time (normally around 3pm local time).

Most Retrax truck bed covers are delivered in 2-3 business days.

Is a Retrax retractable truck bed cover worth it?

A Retrax retractable truck bed cover is worth it if you are looking for convenience and ease of use. Instead of folding the panels over each other, you just need to push the cover forward into the bulkhead section. The panels will retract into itself into the canister. It is extremely easy to open and close, especially if you opt for the electronic powered version!