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Are BAK tonneau covers good?

Yes, BAK tonneau covers are some of the best truck bed covers you can buy. BAK has a history of making high quality, perfect fit tonneau covers. We have been selling BAK tonneau covers for about a decade now - they have proven themselves over and over again.

BAK is most known for their BAKFlip tonneau cover line, which has a few different options for hard folding tonneau covers.

Are BAK tonneau covers waterproof?

No tonneau cover is 100% waterproof. It is best to think of it as water-resistant. The tonneau cover does a great job at keep water out, but there is still a chance of water getting through the seal.

The most common area where water can get in is around the tailgate. BAK includes special instructions to help you get a better seal in this area, making it less likely for water to get in.

Can I tow a gooseneck trailer with my BAK tonneau cover?

Yes, you can. The tonneau cover will just need to be opened so that the trailer has enough clearance to attach in your truck bed.

How much weight does the BAKFlip hold?

The BAKFlip covers are rated to carry up to 400 pounds, depending on exactly which model you choose. See our product description for the weight rating for each.

Keep a little common sense with the weight rating -- the weight should be evenly distributed, and not concentrated in one area, otherwise you can damage the panels.

How secure is the BAK tonneau covers?

The BAK tonneau covers are very secure. Keep in mind, no truck bed cover is 100% secure.

The biggest deterrent to theft is keeping your cargo out of sight. Thieves will usually try to find the easiest "win" and will likely move on to the next car or truck.

If your tailgate is lockable, this creates a lockable storage compartment. The tonneau's pull tabs are underneath the cover and can't be accessed if your tailgate is locked.

Can I flip the cover against my cab?

Yes, the BAKFlip covers can be flipped fully up to the cab. It comes with bumper guards to prevent damage to your cab when it is folded against it.

Your order will also come with straps and buckles to hold the BAKFlip folded open, so you can drive with it.

Can my BAK tonneau cover get hail damage?

Yes, it is possible, but BAK makes a fiberglass version that is much more dent and ding resistant. We highly recommend the fiberglass over the aluminum tonneau covers if you live in an area that is susceptible to hail damage. The aluminum series provides better UV protection, but the fiberglass is the most dent and ding resistant.

Can I install my BAK tonneau cover myself?

Yes, most people are able to get their BAK tonneau cover installed and rolling within an hour or two!

We do recommend having a friend or family member give you an extra set of hands. The panels can be big and bulky, so have extra hands will make the process go a little smoother.

Step by step instructions are included, all you need to know how to do is twist a wrench.