BAK BAKFlip FiberMax Tonneau Cover

  • Cross between BAKFlip G2 and F1
  • Includes all features of the BAKFlip G2
  • Top surface uses fiberglass instead of aluminum
  • Backed with a 2 year warranty

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BAK Tonneau Covers Comparison

BAK Cover Style Material Finish/Look Weight/Rating
(Evenly Distributed)
Warranty Price
BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Aluminum Semi-Gloss 300 lbs. 2 Years $749.88+
BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Aluminum Matte 400 lbs 3 Years $899.88+
BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Fiberglass High-Gloss 300 lbs 2 Years $839.88+
BAKFlip F1 Hard Folding Fiberglass High-Gloss 400 lbs 3 Years $929.88+
BAKFlip VP Hard Folding Vinyl Vinyl 250 lbs 1 Year $719.88+
Revolver X2 Rolling Aluminum Rugged 400 lbs. 3 Years $819.88+
RollBak Retractable Aluminum Rugged 400 lbs. 2 Years $1,029.88+
BAKFlip CS Rack Integrated Hard Folding Aluminum Rugged 500 lbs Rack 2 Years $1,471.74+
BAKFlip CS/F1 Rack Integrated Hard Folding Fiberglass High-Gloss 500 lbs Rack 3 Years $1,679.29+


The BAKFlip Fibermax tonneau cover uses fiberglass materials for a lightweight truck bed cover.

  • BAK Industries products are made and distributed in the USA
  • BAK Industries is a leader in manufacturing tonneau covers
  • No-drilling required installation that takes a minimal amount of time
  • Compatible with other BAK Industries products including the BAK BAKBOX
  • Impact resistant construction to maintain strength and functionality over time
  • BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau covers are available for nearly all truck makes and models from 1988 onward

A tonneau cover is not just a luxury for truck owners anymore. The main purpose is to protect the bed of your truck. The BAK BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Tonneau Cover has safety measures in place that allows truck owners to configure the bed for proper hauling practices. These safety measures include locking panels and a secure locking system when the panels are folded back. When locked in place, the panels will not come loose.

BAK Industries uses the highest-quality and toughest materials available to produce tonneau covers that last the test of time.  The craftsmanship on these tonneau covers is excellent and is one of the reasons that this manufacturer leads the industry in tonneau cover creation. BAK Industries’ BAKFlip line is one of the most popular among pickup truck owners.

Protect the Bed of your Truck

The bed of your truck takes a lot of abuse from nature and weather elements. This often leaves uncovered truck beds rusty, flimsy and unworthy of carrying a load. During periods of inclement weather, you may often notice truck owners driving with their tail gates down. This is to prevent rain and snow from collecting in the bed of the truck. Installing a tonneau cover prevents this.

When rain and snow collect in the bed of a pickup truck, it unevenly distributes weight in the rear portion. The uncontrollable shifting can lead to a loss of control or an accident.

Order Year, Make and Model Specific Truck Bed Covers

BAK manufacturers its tonneau covers in accordance with the factory dimensions of each truck type. This ensures that you will have a perfect fit when installing the truck bed cover. With that being said, make sure that you order the right year, make and model tonneau cover for your specific vehicle.

Lightweight yet Durable

The BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Tonneau Cover weighs only 55-pounds. The lightweight construction does not compromise the durability of the cover. Aluminum is a lightweight material. BAK Industries uses epoxy and hard rubber products to reinforce the strength of the aluminum.

The tonneau covers made by BAK Industries are made to last and take the beatings that truck bed covers do. The panel cores are reinforced with EPS material. The top surface material is FiberMax, which is made to be impact resistant.

Additionally, a hair cell texture finish on the exterior of the cover prevents scratches and UV ray damage. Fiberglass reinforced polymer is the base material used for the top coating on the truck bed cover. The hinges are an important element of the tonneau cover as well. The hinges that BAK uses are corrosion-proof as they are made of EPDM rubber.

Carrying Loads on Top of the Tonneau Cover

When you need to carry a load on top of your tonneau cover it is important to distribute the weight evenly. The BAK BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Tonneau Cover can withstand up to 400-pounds of weight on top of it.  Evenly distributing the weight is required to protect the truck bed cover and prevent additional stress to one area of it that can result in the cover buckling or cracking.

Easy to Install

The installation process often takes less than an hour. This is because BAK Industries takes the time to ensure that their products are ready to install and use before they leave the warehouse. A minimal amount of assembly is required. The no-drilling required installation process means that you just have to line up the clamps properly with the attachment points on your truck. Once the frame is in place, inserting the panels and attaching them is a breeze.

BAK Limited Warranty

BAK Industries has a 2 year limited warranty in place for the BAKFlip FiberMax truck bed cover. This warranty is effective in regards to manufacturer error and material malfunction. The warranty is void where normal wear and tear is concerned. 

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BAK has a 1 year limited warranty on all products and a 2 year limited warranty on BakFlip HD, F1 and the RollBak G2. BAK's warranty covers factory caused damage and not damage caused by consumer or by random acts of nature.

Warranty registration and factory support is only available for BAK Industries products purchased as new through an Authorized BAK Industries dealer.

Products purchased at discounted rates on auction sites such as Ebay and Craigslist, to name a few, will not be covered under factory warranty under any circumstance. BAK Industries is unable to verify whether products sold through Auction Sites are new, used, or refurbished, and as such, we are unfortunately unable to warranty such purchases. We advise using caution when buying through auction sites as you'll be doing so at your own risk.

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