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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Short Bed vs. Long Bed Fender Flares

Chevrolet Silverado Short Bed Fender Flares

Short Bed

Chevrolet Silverado Long Bed Fender Flares

Long Bed

In most cases your truck bed size matters if you have a 2007+ Chevy Silverado. When selecting your vehicle our website will ask which truck bed size you have. If our website does not ask then that particular flare set will fit all truck bed sizes.

Why would this matter? For the short bed (roughly 5 ft. 9 in. or 69.3"), the gas cap is located very close to the fender flare edge. Some of the larger flare styles require a notch in the flare so that the flare will fit around the gas cap. This is what most people refer to as the "gas cap cut-out".

For the standard (6.5 foot) and long (8 foot) truck beds, the gas cap is far enough away from the fender edge that it does not require this cut-out.

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Classic vs New Body (2007 or 2019 truck owners)

Chevrolet Silverado Classic Body Style Fender Flares

Classic Body Style

Chevrolet Silverado New Body Style Fender Flares

New Body Style

In 2007, bucking normal production practices, Chevy decided to do a mid-year design change. This makes it a little more difficult when ordering, since a 2007 Silverado could mean 2 very different things. As a result, the older body style (based off the 2006) is called the Silverado Classic, whereas the new body style (based off the 2008) is simply called the Silverado (or "New Body" in some instances).

This only matters if you have a 2007. If you're not sure if your 2007 is the Classic or New Body style, the easiest way to tell is to take a look at your front head lights or your rear tail lights - compare that to the diagram and you'll be able to determine which you have.

Update for 2019: Chevy decided to buck trends again - perhaps this is the new normal! If you drive a 2019, please be careful if you have a Classic (based off the 2018) or New Body (based off the 2020).

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Most Popular Silverado flares

Most Popular Chevrolet Silverado Fender Flares

Factory Style

By far, the most popular flare style is the OE or factory style fender flares. These flares give your truck the factory look, as if your truck just rolled off the dealership lot with fender flares already installed. OE Style flares look great both unpainted and painted, and make your truck look like you have an upgraded trim package.

Pocket Style

The pocket styles are a great option if you're looking to make your Chevrolet Silverado more rugged, as this design makes it look as if your fender flares are bolted right on to the fender. In most cases the bolts are just for looks and do not require any drilling to install. Pocket styles also provide a little more tire coverage if you've upgraded your tires to a bigger size.

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Silverado Painted Flare Options

Chevrolet Silverado Paint Color Options

Are these flares available painted?

Many of our most popular fender flare options are available pre-painted, though it depends on what's in stock at the time. Nearly all fender flares (everything but the textured) can be painted by your local body shop, with typical prices around $300 to paint.

In our purchasing catalogs above, please see the "Color" column to see if your favorite fender flare set is available pre-painted. We can paint any in-stock TrueEdge fender flares any factory color. If you don't see your color when ordering, just select the "Other / Not Listed" option and we'll get in contact with you soon after ordering (usually within an hour or two).

For Bushwacker pre-painted flares, usually only the top 2-3 colors are available to be shipped factory color matched.

Popular Colors

U102V (Champagne Silver Metallic), U121V (Iridium Gray Metallic), U130X (Pull Me Over Red), U136X (Unripened Green Metallic), U140X (Abalone White Tricoat), U142X (Baroque Red Metallic), U384A (Black Meet Kettle Pearl), U402Y (Overcast Blue Metallic), U405Y (Limited Addiction Pearl), U406Y (Burnished Brandy Metallic), U409Y (Royal Blue Metallic), U636R (Switchblade Silver Pearl), U8555 (Black), U8624 (White)

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Silverado Fender Flare Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

"I love them. They really added a lot to my truck's appearance." - Curtis

"The paint perfectly matched my truck! Thank you." - Lasaro

"The fender flares are of great quality. Your paint was spot on and a very awesome finish." - Derek

"They look amazing and make the truck look mean. I have gotten so many complements and everyone loves it. I am extremely happy with the product and service. Loved how they can be painted and where painted. It was all done fast and I was definitely not expecting it to arrive so quickly even being painted." - Brian

"Great product. Gives "attitude" to my truck. Great price easy to install. Awesome support, would purchase from again." - Bernhardt

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