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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Do you have any flares for the Tundra 1999-2006 Double Cab?

Unfortunately none of our flares will fit the 1999-2006 Tundra Double Cab. We don't have any options for this vehicle. For this year model, the Double Cab is slightly different than the Regular or Access Cab. The flares we have for the 99-06 will only fit the Regular Cab, we do not sell any that will fit the 99-06 Double Cab.

What generation Tundra are these available for?

We have flares for nearly every Tundra on the road, except for the 99-06 Tundra Double Cab.

This includes each generation of Tundra:
First generation: 1999-2006
Second generation: 2007-2013
Second generation (refresh): 2014-2021
Third generation: 2022+

To get started, just select the brand and style of flares you like. Our website will ask for the year or your Toyota Tundra, and will guide you to a perfect fitting set.

What cab size is my Tundra?

The Tundra comes in 4 different cab sizes, depending on what year Tundra you have:

1. Regular Cab
2. Access Cab, also known as Extended Cab
3. Double Cab, also know as Crew Cab
4. CrewMax, also known as Extended Crew Cab

The 99-06 was available in Regular, Access and Double Cab.
The 07-21 was available in Regular, Double and CrewMax.

Keep in mind that the CrewMax is called the "Extended Crew Cab" and the Double Cab is called the "Crew Cab". This is because the Double Cab was the original Crew-sized cab, but Toyota decided to release an even larger cab -- the CrewMax/Extended Crew.

If you need any help determining what cab size you have, please contact us with a photo. Include a picture of the full side of your truck, and we'll let you know what cab size you have.

Should I add flares to my Tundra?

That really comes down to personal style preferences. Some trucks look great with fender flares, and some don't look as good. Toyota is one of the trucks that really shines with fender flares, and really adds to its looks. As well, the flares can help protect your paint from road rash.

If you have large oversized tires, it's more than likely that you are legally required to add flares to your Tundra to compensate for the tire protrusion.

Which are the best fender flares for the Tundra?

Our recommendation for the best fender flares are any of the Bushwacker options, particularly the Pocket style or OE style. Both of these options look really good on the Toyota Tundra, especially the pocket style if you have larger tires.

EGR also makes a really good flare, and is actually the manufacturer for a lot of OE flares.

Will flares look funny if I have normal tires?

Some people say that flares, particularly pocket flares, look a little funny if you don't have oversized tires.

The reason is that flares make your Tundra look bulkier. But with normal/stock tires, it may look a little funny.

Our opinion is that we think it still looks good. However if that is a concern to you, and you don't want to switch to larger tires, consider adding wheel spacers. These will make your tires protrude out a little bit, which will better match your flare look. Your tires will line up better with the edges of the flare.