Car Mats for SUVs: WeatherTech Options and Their Costs

Are you looking for the perfect car mats for your SUV? 

If yes, how do you pick the best ones when there are so many to choose from?

Because WeatherTech is one of the top choices for SUVs, we created this guide to help you decide whether custom fit or semi-custom fit is best for you.

Most people choose the custom fit DigitalFit due to its precise fitment.

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Our Top Picks for the Best WeatherTech Mats for SUVs



Main Features

Best custom-fit floor liner

  • Will fit your vehicle like a glove
  • Lip and channeling helps to remove trapped fluids with ease
  • Lines the interior carpet accurately for total protection
  • Superior construction material that feels great even when barefooted

Cheaper alternative to DigitalFit

  • Gives a good fit but it’s not perfect
  • Flexible, classy style, and cheaper than DigitalFit floor liners
  • Deep-sculpt channels for trapping and channeling any spillages
  • They don’t carry a factory smell to your car

Car Mats Reviews

#1. WeatherTech Digital-Fit Floor Liners

Tan WeatherTech digitalfit liner installed in a vehicle

The digital-fit floor liners are the next generation of WeatherTech’s car mats. They’re designed for your specific vehicle’s make and model and are the best in the market. 

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  • Laser-measured for accurate fitment: The car floor mats’ model-specific design fits like a glove and looks like it came with your vehicle. The process begins by digitally scanning the ride’s interior then creating a computer model duplicating every corner, curve, and contour of the floor. This optimal design safeguards the carpet and the space around the floorboard side. 
  • They’re made from patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material: Which is highly durable. Even if you expose the car mats to mud, snow, or water, they’ll show little signs of wear. The fabric strengthens the floor liners and offers surface friction—keeping them in place. There are ridges and grooves throughout that make them anti-slip.

    The edges also have contours to trap and channel moisture away from your feet and into a reservoir at the back—reducing fluid movement as you drive.
  • Protects the resale value of your car: Things like carpeting, upholstery, and headliner make a big impression on the buyer when it’s time for resale. If a savvy shopper sees your ride’s worn-out carpet, they’ll most likely pass on it or at least negotiate the price down. But these floor liners, proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, will secure the original carpet and help preserve the car’s value.
  • Easy to clean: If you live in snowy or rainy areas where wet shoes are a reality, these car mats will be ideal for you. They hold all moisture instead of just diverting it off to the side, where it melts and soaks into the carpet. You can then remove them over the door sill without a hassle. After cleaning, putting them back is a piece of cake. We have more cleaning tips for WeatherTech liners here.


  • More expensive: Its premium value makes it more expensive than most other brands. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, have a look below at our #2 choice.

All in all, the floor liners are an excellent choice—even if they’re costly. If you own an SUV or truck and are looking for aftermarket mats, these are the best you can get.

#2. WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mat

WeatherTech all-weather mat being washed

As the name implies, once you’ve fitted these mats, your car’s interior is protected from all elements mother nature may throw at it. 

Shopping for car floor mats can be challenging at times, mainly because manufacturers design the interiors differently. 

You may have searched everywhere but been unable to find one for your specific vehicle’s make. These all-weather mats have got you covered.

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  • Semi-custom fit: The floor mats are a great compromise between custom and universal-fit mats. This means they won’t fit perfectly, but they’ll serve the majority of rides. You’ll have some gaps in coverage, but the most important parts will be covered.

    The company is the gold standard for many buyers, so its model-specific mats are expensive—but semi-custom types offer an affordable option that’s a smart alternative. And depending on where you live, they can provide the proper protection for just a bit more cash than the budget-oriented universal-fit ones.
  • Remains flexible in all seasons: With these car floor mats, you’re covered in all four seasons. The WeatherTech designers used an OEM-approved thermoplastic elastomer compound that doesn’t curl, harden, or crack. This factor means they’ll remain flexible in extremely hot or cold weather, making them perfect to use during winter.
  • Secures your car’s original carpet: The floor mats keep the interior from damage and general dirt and have a raised heel pad for added protection. They also have a non-sticky finish to help you clean them with ease. For tougher stains and dirt like mud, you may need to scrub a little harder, but it’ll be almost effortless.
  • Deep-sculpt channels: The mats have 3/8-inch deep grooves that trap mud, road salt, water, and sand until you remove them—keeping the floor free from dirt and liquid spills. They’re stain-resistant and waterproof as well, so no moisture can leak to the ride’s floor.
  • Made of premium grade heavy-duty material: The car floor mats are designed with high-quality ISO-certified OEM fabric. You’re guaranteed that they’ll last for years and add value to your vehicle well beyond its lifespan. Their bottoms are also fitted with firm-grip anti-skid ridges to hold them in place. They won’t shift, keeping water and dirt off the floor.
  • They’re environmentally friendly: The all-weather floor mats can be recycled, making them eco-friendly. They’re also free from the factory smell that other accessories like car seats have—ideal if you’re not a fan of strong scents or prefer to use your own. They’re latex-free, too, making them a great option if you’re allergic to the material.
  • They’re made in the USA: These all-season car mats are made in the United States using genuine fabrics with a limited lifetime warranty. Experts handcraft and process them with cutting-edge technology to ensure they serve you for many decades. This also helps to grow the economy and provide jobs for many Americans.  


  • They don’t fit some cars well: Since they aren’t designed to be model-specific, they might be small for some four-wheel drives, and you may also need to trim them for certain vehicles.

If you need all-weather floor mats that work with a range of cars—from a 2021 Nissan Frontier to a Ford Explorer —these mats should be your go-to choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Floor Mats