Reasons To Buy An UnderCover Bed Cover

Are you considering buying an UnderCover tonneau cover? You have come to the right place.  

Perhaps you have a new truck, and your friends and family recommend an UnderCover bed cover. Maybe you are a truck owner who wants an UnderCover tonneau cover simply because you don’t have one! 

A truck bed cover is an essential truck accessory for any truck owner. It helps protect the truck bed and keep your cargo safe from weather elements. 

UnderCover is a leading company that has for two decades set the standards for tonneau covers. UnderCover has one-piece, hard-folding, and adventure-ready tonneau covers. All UnderCover tonneau covers are made in the USA. 

We are a direct seller of UnderCover bed covers, so everything contained here comes from first-hand experience.

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What’s Unique About UnderCover Bed Covers?

The days of wrestling with heavy fiberglass tonneau covers ended when UnderCover unleashed ABS composite tonneaus that weigh less than 60 pounds yet are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime. 

Some reasons why you should buy UnderCover bed covers include:

  • They are very lightweight 
  • They are strong and durable to last a lifetime
  • They require NO drilling to install 
  • They offer both bed protection and style
  • They allow flexible truck bed access
  • They have a wall mounting kit
  • Other features- no need for an extra key, multiple riding positions, and cargo access tool

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These Covers Are Very Lightweight

RidgeLander with a tent installed with the tonneau cover

UnderCover one-piece truck bed covers are very light in weight. They weigh less than 60 lbs, precisely about 58lbs. 

But what makes UnderCover tonneau covers the lightest in the industry? The ABS plastic.

UnderCover uses ABS plastic to manufacture its tonneau covers. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer comprising Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene. 

All three polymers in ABS provide structural and functional benefits to UnderCover tonneau covers. While the acrylonitrile provides chemical and heat stability the butadiene provides toughness and strength to the ABS polymer. Styrene, on the other hand, not only adds rigidity to ABS but also gives it a glossy look. 

You could be wondering what’s the catch in using ABS and how that contributes to UnderCover’s very light bed covers.

 The ABS plastic is very lightweight, and that is why UnderCover tonneaus are also lightweight. 

Buying an UnderCover truck bed cover will give you the confidence of not adding a lot of extra weight to your truck bed. 

They Are Strong and Durable to Last a Lifetime

7 people standing on an UnderCover tonneau

While UnderCover truck bed covers are very light in weight, their weight does not in any way affect their strength and durability. UnderCover truck bed covers are rigid, strong, and tough to last for a lifetime.

UnderCover truck bed covers are strong and durable because of two things- strong construction material such as the ABS plastic and heavy-duty aluminum panels and the X-effect design.

The ABS plastic is structurally and chemically strong, tough, and rigid. This makes the UnderCover tonneaus to be very strong and durable. 

UnderCover also utilizes heavy-duty aluminum panels in making some of its tonneaus, for example, the UnderCover Flex. The heavy duty-aluminum panels give the tonneaus strength and durability. 

UnderCover uses the X-effect design to add strength to its truck bed covers. The X-effect design is a unique infrastructure that adds support in an “X” pattern on the underside of the tonneau cover.

The X-design pattern can be seen as a beam in a house. It helps balance the support across the truck bed cover hence strengthening it. 

Here is what the X-design pattern looks like:

Underside of UnderCover tonneau cover showing the X-effect design

An UnderCover tonneau cover can support up to 500lbs of weight, thanks to the X-effect design. If you are looking for a truck bed cover where you have the freedom of putting extra cargo on the tonneau, then UnderCover got you covered. 

Therefore, right from manufacturing, UnderCover uses strong and tough materials to provide you with a truck bed cover that is strong, tough, and can last a lifetime. 

Did you know?

An UnderCover bed cover is strong enough for people to stand on it yet light enough for two people to remove it from the truck. *Do not try standing on the tonneau cover at home.

They Are Made to Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Sledding on a tonneau cover
Yes, this is really UnderCover staff product testing a cover by sledding on one.
No, don’t try this at home!

An UnderCover tonneau is the right one for you if you are looking for a hard tonneau cover that can withstand extreme weather conditions. All UnderCover tonneaus can withstand rain, intense sun, and snow without warp or damage while keeping your cargo protected and safe. 

The ABS plastic used to make UnderCover tonneaus is rigid and tough, and this makes the covers withstand extreme weather.

For example, the ABS plastic makes an UnderCover tonneau expand and contract depending on temperature changes keeping your cargo protected. 

The ABS composite also repels harmful UV rays that can make the covers fade. 

Think about a tonneau cover that withstands scratches (although you won’t intentionally scratch it) and abrasions. An UnderCover truck bed cover retains its look while giving your cargo the protection it needs from the elements. 

They Offer Both Truck Bed Protection and Style

Rack accessories and cooler installed on top of the RidgeLander

UnderCover bed covers are made using high-quality material, and the latest technology which makes them leaders in the industry. Buying a hard folding tonneau cover from UnderCover promises you not only truck bed protection but also a stylish look. 

Yes, you want to buy a truck bed cover because you want your truck bed and cargo protected from the weather elements. But what if you invested in a truck bed cover that also gave your truck the luxury-level look it deserves?

For example, the  UnderCover Elite LX Hinged tonneau cover comes pre-painted to match your truck’s color. UnderCover also has smooth ready-to-paint models such as the UnderCover Elite Smooth Paintable Tonneau Cover.  You can then paint the tonneau to match the color of your truck or any other color that you want. 

An UnderCover tonneau cover meets the style you might be looking for from the paint to the Rhino racks on the RidgeLander suited for your weekend adventures.

They Allow the Ultimate Control of the Truck Bed

Do you want a tonneau cover that gives you full control of your truck bed?

UnderCover understands that truck owners must be in control of their truck bed. That is why UnderCover folding tonneaus are designed to allow truck owners multiple secure driving positions with full access to the bed.

For instance, UnderCover Flex offers truck owners three secure driving positions. 

But what exactly are these three driving positions? 



Fully Closed

Fully closed position
  • Keep is closed as much as possible
  • Can help save on gas mileage
  • Protects cargo from prying eyes

Partially Opened

Partially opened position
  • Allows you to haul larger items
  • Built in props keep it in position

Fully Opened

Fully opened position
  • Access entire bed
  • Allows hauling of large cargo
  • Supported in an upright position
  • Uses built-in prop rods to hold up

It Comes With A Wall Mount 

Hanging the one-piece cover with a wall mount

UnderCover understands that you may not always need your tonneau cover on your truck. All UnderCover one-piece truck bed covers come with a wall mount where you can safely hang your tonneau on the garage wall- whenever you don’t need it on the truck.

UnderCover tonneaus are easy-to-store since you can easily remove them from the truck and mount them on your garage wall. 

Requires No Drilling To Install

UnderCover truck bed covers are easy to install and remove since no drilling is required. Being lightweight also makes them very easy to install- only requiring two people to lift and install on the truck bed. 

The no-drill installation aspect of UnderCover tonneaus makes the installation a breeze. It usually takes between 20-60 minutes, depending on which UnderCover bed covers you choose, and your grasp of the installation instructions.

If you are looking for a truck bed cover that requires less time and is easy to install and remove, then UnderCover tonneaus should top the list.

Other Notable Features- No Extra Key, Cargo Access Tool, and Warranty

UnderCover tailgate key access

What if you buy a tonneau cover that has some little extra add-ons? 

Using an UnderCover tonneau cover means you don’t need to carry an extra key! Yes, you read that right. Using an UnderCover SE tonneau cover allows you to have a single lock for your truck and truck bed because it has an OEM lock- offering extra security to your cargo. 

Does accessing cargo at the furthest end of your truck bed irritate you? Perhaps you are in a hurry and want to pick out a specific item in your truck bed.

A cargo access tool also comes with UnderCover tonneau covers. For example, the UnderCover Elite Hinged Tonneau Cover has a cargo access tool that helps you to effortlessly reach cargo that you would otherwise not without the lanyard- or that would require you to offload your truck bed.

Investing in a tonneau cover is a good decision for a truck owner- and it gets even better when the tonneau cover they buy has a warranty. 

While UnderCover makes high-quality tonneaus, it is aware that sometimes things can go wrong. And that is where the warranty comes in handy. Each UnderCover tonneau cover has its specified warranty in case of defective materials or workmanship. 

Comparison of UnderCover Tonneau Covers

Giving you features that define UnderCover tonneaus covers is one thing but specifically highlighting detailed features of selected UnderCover tonneaus is a more useful thing to help you select a truck bed cover for your truck.

UnderCover One-Piece Tonneau Covers

UnderCover set the standards of truck bed covers with its lightweight ABS constructed UnderCover Classic in 2001. It has over the years made other premium tonneaus that are strong, tough, and build to last a lifetime.

The table below lists the main features of one-piece UnderCover tonneaus including Classic, SE, Elite, Elite LX, LUX, Elite LX Smooth, SE Smooth, and the RidgeLander. 

FeaturesClassicSEEliteElite LXLUXElite SmoothSE SmoothRidgeLander
FinishBlack TexturedBlack Textured
Black TexturedPainted to Match Factory ColorPainted to Match Factory ColorReady to PaintReady to PaintMatte black
Locking SystemStandard dual lock system, Hidden hinge mounting systemStandard single point lock system, Hidden hinge mounting systemPremium single point codeable OEM lock, Rear-mounted handle, Hidden hinge mounting systemPremium single point codeable OEM lock, Rear-mounted handle, Hidden hinge mounting systemStandard single point lock system, Hidden hinge mounting syste Premium single point codeable OEM lock, Rear-mounted handle, Hidden hinge mounting systemStandard single point lock system, Hidden hinge mounting systemHidden hinge mounting system
Lighting SystemBattery powered LED light systemBattery powered LED light systemBattery powered LED light system, Removable battery powered LED lightBattery powered LED light system, Removable battery powered LED lightBattery powered LED light systemBattery powered LED light system, Removable battery powered LED lightBattery powered LED light systemBattery powered LED light system, Battery powered B- light system
Warranty3 Year Limited3 Year Limited3 Year LimitedLifetime LimitedLifetime LimitedLifetime Limited3 Year Limited3 Year Limited

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It would be interesting to highlight the progress of UnderCover one-piece tonneaus by looking at UnderCover Classic and RidgeLander. 

UnderCover Classic

UnderCover Classic

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UnderCover Classic is the gold standard of truck bed covers. It is constructed with ABS plastic that makes it strong, tough, and durable. 

It has a textured black finish that withholds UV rays, dents, and scratches.

The UnderCover Classic is weather resistant and is built to last. It also has dual lock cylinders (twist locks found on both sides of the bed) that provide enhanced security for the bed, cargo, and the cover itself. 

UnderCover Classic is easy to install with no drilling required and allows full bed access. It also comes with a wall mount for storage when not in use. 

Key Features

  • Textured black finish
  • Full bed access
  • Dual point locking system
  • LED lighting
  • Lightweight

UnderCover RidgeLander

UnderCover RidgeLander

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UnderCover RidgeLander is the most dynamic tonneau cover today. With the RidgeLander, your truck will be both unique and multipurpose. For example, it will carry cargo and other roles during the week and still use it for your weekend adventures. 

It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a textured powder coat finish. 

It has a built-in cross bar Tango Track System that can function with or without the cover. A Tango system comprises four rails, installed all around the loading edges of a truck to offer protection from damage. 

The RidgeLander’s built-in cross bar Tango Track System allows for unique customization of your truck. For example, it lets you install the racks when not using the cover or use them as bed rails when the cover is installed. 

The RidgeLander has an integrated T-slot Track System for cargo management. T-slot is a rack system that is “t” shaped that allows cargo to interlock and be secure without requiring you to attach joints. 

The RidgeLander can work with T-slot accessories from Rhino Rack, Yakima, and many others giving it an optimized carrying capacity. 

It comes with a Rhino Rack quick mount legs and two vortex bars.

You can use rooftop tents supported by a third crossbar to have evenly distributed weight on an UnderCover RidgeLander. 

It is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, thanks to its multifaceted weather seals. 

With the RidgeLander, you can choose accessory kits that suit your unique lifestyle. You can select camping, overland, fishing/skiing, or biking accessory kits. Like all UnderCover tonneaus, it requires no drill installation. 

It comes with a 3-Year Warranty. 

Key Features

  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Textured powder-coat finish
  • Integrated T-slot Track System
  • Has Four Rhino Rack quick mount legs and two vortex bars
  • Optimized carrying capacity

UnderCover RidgeLander or UnderCover Classic?

Both covers provide truck bed and cargo protection from the elements. They are both strong and durable to withstand extreme weather.

Go for an UnderCover Classic if you are looking for a standard truck bed cover that is lightweight, stylish, and offers your truck bed and cargo the protection they require. 

Buy an UnderCover RidgeLander if you are always up to adventure because it promises a versatile cargo management system. It also has optimized carrying capacity, and its powder-coat finish will give your truck the luxury look it deserves.

Did you know?

UnderCover Classic is the original ABS tonneau and is the gold standard of one-piece truck bed covers. 

UnderCover Hard Folding Tonneaus

While UnderCover is best known for manufacturing premium one-piece tonneau covers, it has, over the years made premium hard-folding tonneaus to meet its customers’ preferences. The table below provides a summary of the key features of UnderCover Flex, UnderCover UltraFlex, UnderCover Armoflex, and UnderCover Triad. 

FeaturesUnderCover FlexUnderCover Ultra FlexUnderCover ArmoflexUnderCover Triad
Top surfacesFiberglass reinforced panelsAluminum panelsAluminum panelsAluminum panels
Top panel finishHigh gloss black finishPremium matte black finishStylish matte black finishFashionable matte black finish
Bottom panel finishStandard aluminum skinPremium carpeted under panelStandard aluminum skinStandard aluminum skin
Panel coreStandard density foam corePremium density foam corePremium density foam coreStandard density foam core
Top panel textureHair cell grain textureFlat smooth textureSilky surfaceFlat smooth texture
Rail systemStandard rail system, Low profile flush fitPremium L-Rail system, Low profile flush fitPremium L-Rail system, Low profile designStandard rail system, Low profile design
UV resistanceStandard resistancePremium resistanceStandard Standard resistance
Dent & scratch resistancesPremium resistanceStandard resistancePremium resistanceStandard resistance
Tailgate functionalityStandard close tailgate with cover up onlyPremium-close tailgate with cover either up or downPremium-close tailgate with cover either up or downStandard close tailgate with cover up only 
Warranty3- Year5-Year5-Year3-Year
Starting priceCheck PriceCheck Price$1059$749

UnderCover Flex

UnderCover Flex

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An UnderCover Flex will meet your expectations if you are looking for a tonneau cover that gives you full bed access, style, and security. UnderCover Flex is made of top-grade fiberglass material and aluminum rails. 

UnderCover Flex has three riding positions that gives you bed access: tailgate closed and locked gives full secure bed coverage, two panels folded back flat gives ¾ bed access, or the entire cover propped up to give 100% bed access. Interestingly, you can drive with your cover fully open!

UnderCover Flex comes with a 3-year warranty. 

Key Features

Total bed access

Weather resistant design

Truck can be driven with the cover fully open

Easy to install and remove without tools

UnderCover Ultra Flex

UnderCover Ultra Flex

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UnderCover Ultra Flex is the definition of “what you see is what you get” in the tonneau market. It has a premium black matte finish with a premium carpeted underpanel. 

Similar to Flex, it has three different secure driving positions.

It has automatic latching panels with an integrated luminous rail light to provide light in your truck bed at night. 

It comes with a 5-year warranty

Key Features

  • Premium matte finish
  • Carpeted underpanels
  • Integrated LED bed rails
  • 100% bed access

Tip: If you’re still confused about the differences between the Ultra and Ultra Flex, you can read about the differences between the Ultra and Ultra Flex here.

UnderCover Armor Flex

UnderCover Armor Flex

The UnderCover Armor Flex promises truck bed and cargo protection while retaining its strength, durability, and style. 

It is made of high-density aircraft-grade aluminum panels. 

It has a stylish matte black finish and a carpeted underpanel that gives it a finished OEM look. 

The dual-action tailgate seal allows a universal tailgate operation. This means that you can close the tailgate with the last panel of the cover either up or down. 

It has automatic slam latches that open from either side of the bed thus making it easy to operate. 

UnderCover Armor Flex comes with a 5-Year warranty. 

Key Features

  • Line-X-matte back finish
  • Dual-action tailgate seal
  • Automatic latching panels
  • Easy to install

UnderCover Triad

UnderCover Triad

Do you want an UnderCover tonneau that is already assembled for you? UnderCover Triad should top your list if you don’t want to go through the trouble of assembling your tonneau cover.

UnderCover Triad has black matte top panels that give it a good look. It has aluminum panels that are strong enough to hold up to 600 lbs of weight.

The UnderCover Triad offers two riding positions- fully open or 2/3 open cover. 

Key Features

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Two riding positions
  • Easy to install

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