UnderCover LUX Painted Tonneau Cover

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Protect your cargo from the unpredictable weather and thieves with the UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover.

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Textured powder-coat finish
  • Integrated T-slot track system
  • Easy operation
  • No-drill installation

Truck Cargo Safe At All Times

With the UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover, your payload will be secure at all times. You no longer have to worry leaving your truck for a long period of time because this tonneau cover will keep your cargo safe and sound.

The Tonneau Cover That Is Just Right For You

Made from aircraft grade aluminum and finished with a textured powder-coat, the UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover is just the perfect tonneau cover for you. Its durability, strength, and security guarantees you years of usage.

More Features = More Haul

The Tango track system will allow you to carry cargo on top of the UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover. To add to that, it also comes with 4 Rhino Rack quick mount legs and 2 Vortex bars.

These mounts can hold up to 250 lbs. With this, you can haul just about anything with the UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover.

Easy Installation

When it comes to the installation of the UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover, you don’t need to take our your power tools because you will be surprised at how easy installation is.

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This product comes with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
U4146L-218 UC1066L-16 UC1066L-41 UC1066L-46 UC1066L-50 UC1066L-74 UC1066L-98 UC1066L-GGZ UC1076L-41 UC1076L-46 UC1076L-50 UC1076L-74 UC1086L-41 UC1086L-50 UC1086L-98 UC1096L-41 UC1096L-50 UC1116L-41 UC1116L-50 UC1116L-66 UC1116L-74 UC1116L-98 UC1116L-G1C UC1116L-G1E UC1116L-G1F UC1116L-G1K UC1116L-G1W UC1116L-G2X UC1116L-G7C UC1116L-GAN UC1116L-GPA UC1116L-GPJ UC1116L-GWX UC1116L-GXG UC1126L-41 UC1126L-50 UC1126L-66 UC1126L-74 UC1126L-98 UC1126L-G1C UC1126L-G1E UC1126L-G1F UC1126L-G1K UC1126L-G1W UC1126L-G2X UC1126L-G7C UC1126L-GAN UC1126L-GPA UC1126L-GPJ UC1126L-GWX UC1126L-GXG UC1136L-41 UC1136L-50 UC1136L-66 UC1136L-74 UC1136L-98 UC1136L-G1C UC1136L-G1E UC1136L-G1F UC1136L-G1K UC1136L-G1W UC1136L-G2X UC1136L-G7C UC1136L-GAN UC1136L-GPA UC1136L-GPJ UC1136L-GWX UC1136L-GXG UC1146L-41 UC1146L-50 UC1146L-66 UC1146L-74 UC1146L-98 UC1146L-G1C UC1146L-G1E UC1146L-G1F UC1146L-G1K UC1146L-G1W UC1146L-G2X UC1146L-G7C UC1146L-GAN UC1146L-GPA UC1146L-GPJ UC1146L-GWX UC1146L-GXG UC1156L-G7C UC1156L-G9K UC1156L-GAN UC1156L-GAZ UC1156L-GBA UC1156L-GBV UC1156L-GWX UC1166L-G7C UC1166L-G9K UC1166L-GAN UC1166L-GAZ UC1166L-GBA UC1166L-GBV UC1166L-GWX UC2126L-G1 UC2126L-N1 UC2126L-RR UC2126L-UG UC2126L-UH UC2126L-UX UC2126L-Z1 UC2136L-N1 UC2136L-PQ UC2136L-RR UC2136L-SZ UC2136L-UG UC2136L-UH UC2136L-UJ UC2136L-UX UC2136L-YZ UC2146L-D7 UC2146L-J1 UC2146L-LQ UC2146L-N1 UC2146L-PQ UC2146L-RR UC2146L-SZ UC2146L-UG UC2146L-UH UC2146L-UJ UC2146L-UX UC2146L-W6 UC2146L-YZ UC2156L-D1 UC2156L-DR UC2156L-E2 UC2156L-G1 UC2156L-GN UC2156L-H5 UC2156L-H7 UC2156L-HN UC2156L-J7 UC2156L-JX UC2156L-N1 UC2156L-N6 UC2156L-PQ UC2156L-RR UC2156L-SZ UC2156L-UG UC2156L-UH UC2156L-UX UC2156L-W6 UC2156L-YZ UC2166L-D1 UC2166L-DR UC2166L-E2 UC2166L-G1 UC2166L-GN UC2166L-H5 UC2166L-H7 UC2166L-HN UC2166L-J7 UC2166L-JX UC2166L-N1 UC2166L-N6 UC2166L-PQ UC2166L-RR UC2166L-SZ UC2166L-UG UC2166L-UH UC2166L-UX UC2166L-W6 UC2166L-YZ UC2176L-G1 UC2176L-GN UC2176L-H5 UC2176L-H7 UC2176L-J7 UC2176L-N1 UC2176L-PQ UC2176L-RR UC2176L-UG UC2176L-UX UC2176L-YZ UC3076L-PAR UC3076L-PAU UC3076L-PBU UC3076L-PCL UC3076L-PDM UC3076L-PR4 UC3076L-PRP UC3076L-PS2 UC3076L-PW7 UC3076L-PX8 UC3076L-PXR UC3086L-PAR UC3086L-PAU UC3086L-PBU UC3086L-PCL UC3086L-PDM UC3086L-PR4 UC3086L-PRP UC3086L-PS2 UC3086L-PW7 UC3086L-PX8 UC3086L-PXR UC4056L-040 UC4056L-1D6 UC4056L-1E7 UC4056L-1G3 UC4056L-202 UC4056L-3R3 UC4056L-4T3 UC4056L-8T5 UC4066L-040 UC4066L-1D6 UC4066L-1E7 UC4066L-1G3 UC4066L-202 UC4066L-3R3 UC4066L-4T3 UC4066L-8T5 UC4076L-040 UC4076L-1D6 UC4076L-1G3 UC4076L-202 UC4086L-040 UC4086L-1D6 UC4086L-1G3 UC4086L-202 UC4116L-040 UC4116L-1D6 UC4116L-1G3 UC4116L-1H5 UC4116L-202 UC4116L-218 UC4116L-3R3 UC4116L-4U3 UC4116L-4X4 UC4116L-8T5 UC4116L-8W2 UC4126L-040 UC4126L-1D6 UC4126L-1G3 UC4126L-1H5 UC4126L-202 UC4126L-4X4 UC4126L-8T5 UC4126L-8W2 UC4136L-040 UC4136L-1D6 UC4136L-1G3 UC4136L-1H5 UC4136L-202 UC4136L-218 UC4136L-3R3 UC4136L-4V6 UC4136L-4X0 UC4136L-8T0 UC4136L-8W2 UC4146L-040 UC4146L-1D6 UC4146L-1G3 UC4146L-1H5 UC4146L-202 UC4146L-3R3 UC4146L-4V6 UC4146L-4X0 UC4146L-8T0 UC4146L-8W2
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Chevrolet (2007-2018)

Colorado, Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 3500 HD

Dodge (2009-2010)

Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500

Ford (2008-2018)

F-150, F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty

GMC (2007-2018)

Canyon, Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 3500 HD

Ram (2011-2018)

1500, 2500, 3500

Toyota (2005-2018)

Tacoma, Tundra