UnderCover Elite LX Painted Tonneau Cover

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Just when you think UnderCover tonneau covers can’t get any more better comes the UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover with additional premium upgrades.

  • Painted to match your truck’s factory paint job
  • Made from ABS composite
  • Carpet headliner
  • Integrated handle
  • OEM lock
  • X-Effect design
  • EPDM double bulb seal

The Most Elite of Them All

The UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover is the most elite amongst the line of elites of tonneau covers.

Durable Yet Lightweight

Made from high density ABS composite, the UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover is durable and will perfectly match the color of your truck. It may look like it weighs a ton, but it’s pretty lightweight.

X-Effect For Incredible Strength

You will notice the X-effect design of the UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover that contributes to its durability and offers maximum strength.

Finish Off With a Clean Look

The UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover comes with a carpeted underside that will give you that clean look.

You can use your truck keys to lock the cylinder on the cover. Now, isn’t that neat?

Surprisingly Easy To Install

You might think the UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover is difficult to install considering its tough appearance but surprise, surprise, it features a clamp-on installation that makes installing this tonneau cover a breeze.

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This product comes with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
UC1118L-41 UC1118L-50 UC1118L-66 UC1118L-74 UC1118L-98 UC1118L-G1C UC1118L-G1E UC1118L-G1F UC1118L-G1K UC1118L-G1W UC1118L-G2X UC1118L-G7C UC1118L-GAN UC1118L-GPA UC1118L-GPJ UC1118L-GWX UC1118L-GXG UC1128L-41 UC1128L-50 UC1128L-66 UC1128L-74 UC1128L-98 UC1128L-G1C UC1128L-G1E UC1128L-G1F UC1128L-G1K UC1128L-G1W UC1128L-G2X UC1128L-G7C UC1128L-GAN UC1128L-GPA UC1128L-GPJ UC1128L-GWX UC1128L-GXG UC1138L-41 UC1138L-50 UC1138L-66 UC1138L-74 UC1138L-98 UC1138L-G1C UC1138L-G1E UC1138L-G1F UC1138L-G1K UC1138L-G1W UC1138L-G2X UC1138L-G7C UC1138L-GAN UC1138L-GPA UC1138L-GPJ UC1138L-GWX UC1138L-GXG UC1148L-41 UC1148L-50 UC1148L-66 UC1148L-74 UC1148L-98 UC1148L-G1C UC1148L-G1E UC1148L-G1F UC1148L-G1K UC1148L-G1W UC1148L-G2X UC1148L-G7C UC1148L-GAN UC1148L-GPA UC1148L-GPJ UC1148L-GWX UC1148L-GXG UC1158L-G7C UC1158L-G9K UC1158L-GAN UC1158L-GAZ UC1158L-GBA UC1158L-GBV UC1158L-GWX UC1168L-G7C UC1168L-G9K UC1168L-GAN UC1168L-GAZ UC1168L-GBA UC1168L-GBV UC1168L-GWX UC2138L-N1 UC2138L-PQ UC2138L-RR UC2138L-SZ UC2138L-UG UC2138L-UH UC2138L-UJ UC2138L-UX UC2138L-YZ UC2148L-D7 UC2148L-J1 UC2148L-LQ UC2148L-N1 UC2148L-PQ UC2148L-RR UC2148L-SZ UC2148L-UG UC2148L-UH UC2148L-UJ UC2148L-UX UC2148L-W6 UC2148L-YZ UC2158L-DR UC2158L-E2 UC2158L-G1 UC2158L-GN UC2158L-H5 UC2158L-H7 UC2158L-HN UC2158L-J7 UC2158L-JX UC2158L-N1 UC2158L-N6 UC2158L-PQ UC2158L-RR UC2158L-SZ UC2158L-UG UC2158L-UH UC2158L-UX UC2158L-W6 UC2158L-YZ UC215L-D1 UC2168L-D1 UC2168L-DR UC2168L-E2 UC2168L-G1 UC2168L-GN UC2168L-H5 UC2168L-H7 UC2168L-HN UC2168L-J7 UC2168L-JX UC2168L-N1 UC2168L-N6 UC2168L-PQ UC2168L-RR UC2168L-SZ UC2168L-UG UC2168L-UH UC2168L-UX UC2168L-W6 UC2168L-YZ UC3078L-PAR UC3078L-PAU UC3078L-PBU UC3078L-PCL UC3078L-PDM UC3078L-PR4 UC3078L-PRP UC3078L-PS2 UC3078L-PW7 UC3078L-PX8 UC3078L-PXR UC3088L-PAR UC3088L-PAU UC3088L-PBU UC3088L-PCL UC3088L-PDM UC3088L-PR4 UC3088L-PRP UC3088L-PS2 UC3088L-PW7 UC3088L-PX8 UC3088L-PXR UC4118L-040 UC4118L-1D6 UC4118L-1G3 UC4118L-1H5 UC4118L-202 UC4118L-218 UC4118L-3R3 UC4118L-4U3 UC4118L-4X4 UC4118L-8T5 UC4118L-8W2 UC4128L-040 UC4128L-1D6 UC4128L-1G3 UC4128L-1H5 UC4128L-202 UC4128L-218 UC4128L-4U3 UC4128L-4X4 UC4128L-8T5 UC4128L-8W2 UC4138L-040 UC4138L-1D6 UC4138L-1G3 UC4138L-1H5 UC4138L-202 UC4138L-218 UC4138L-3R3 UC4138L-4V6 UC4138L-4X0 UC4138L-8T0 UC4138L-8W2 UC4148L-040 UC4148L-1D6 UC4148L-1G3 UC4148L-1H5 UC4148L-202 UC4148L-218 UC4148L-3R3 UC4148L-4V6 UC4148L-4X0 UC4148L-8T0 UC4148L-8W2
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Chevrolet (2014-2018)

Colorado, Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 3500 HD

Dodge (2009-2010)

Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500

Ford (2009-2017)


GMC (2014-2018)

Canyon, Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 3500 HD

Ram (2011-2017)

1500, 2500, 3500

Toyota (2014-2017)

Tacoma, Tundra