UnderCover Elite LX Painted Tonneau Cover

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  • Elite Painted Tonneau Cover
  • Made from ABS composite
  • X-Effect design
  • OEM lock
  • OEM paint colors
  • Gas mileage
  • Removable LED Lighting System
  • No-drill installation
  • 3-year warranty

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  • Prevent the elements as well as unwanted hands from getting inside your truck bed
  • Tough and impact-resistant material that will out-live your vehicle
  • Increased strength and durability with the X-Effect design
  • OEM lock keep your cargo safe from unwanted hands
  • Paintable to match your vehicle
  • Reduces wind drag which then reduces fuel usage per mile
  • Removable LED Lighting System provides illumination in your truck bed
  • Easy to install within less than an hour
  • Guaranteed quality performance with no manufacturing defects
Elite Painted Tonneau Cover

Elite Painted Tonneau Cover

UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover prevents the elements like dust and dirt from getting into the truck bed and messing with your cargo. The cover also keeps your cargo safe and secure from unwanted hands.

Made from ABS composite

Made from ABS composite

The tonneau is constructed using ABS composite. This material is very tough and impact-resistant. It is also resistant to UV effects as well as scratch and it will maintain its good looks.

X-Effect design

X-Effect design

The tonneau has an X-effect design. This helps improve its strength and so offer longer durability. The X-effect design enables the cover to support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight which is a lot.

OEM lock

OEM lock

To ensure your cargo is always safe inside your truck bed, the tonneau has an OEM lock which is very easy to operate and does not compromise the cover's sleekness.

OEM paint colors

OEM paint colors

The best part about this UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover is that you can have it painted to match your vehicle's exact factory color and this will definitely improve your style and set your vehicle on a whole new level.

Gas mileage

Gas mileage

This tonneau significantly improves your gas mileage. When you drive with your truck bed open, the wind hits inside it and causes wind drag. The wind drag will then have an impact on the gas mileage, increasing the amount of gas you need per mile. Installing the toneau and driving with it closed will prevent this and significantly improve your gas mileage.

Removable LED Lighting System

Removable LED Lighting System

Also featured on this UnderCover Elite LX Tonneau Cover is a removable LED lighting system. This is meant to provide illumination in the entire truck bed, giving you an easy time whenever you are trying to get your stuff, especially at night.

No-drill installation

No-drill installation

The tonneau has a drill-free installation. It installs using clamps and it does not take much effort or time. But, since it is wide, you might need an extra hand to help carry and mount it.

3-year warranty

3-year warranty

The manufacturer backs this tonneau cover with a 3-year limited warranty, to be free from any manufacturing defects. In case of any malfucntions as a result of faulty material or workmanship, kindly reach out and we will repair or replace it. This is on the condition that the product was installed properly as per the instructions, it was not altered with, it was not mishandled and it was used for the intended purpose.

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This product comes with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
Part Numbers

The following part numbers are available in this product line:

UC1118L-41 UC1118L-50 UC1118L-66 UC1118L-74 UC1118L-98 UC1118L-G1C UC1118L-G1E UC1118L-G1F UC1118L-G1K UC1118L-G1W UC1118L-G2X UC1118L-G7C UC1118L-GAN UC1118L-GPA UC1118L-GPJ UC1118L-GWX UC1118L-GXG UC1128L-41 UC1128L-50 UC1128L-66 UC1128L-74 UC1128L-98 UC1128L-G1C UC1128L-G1E UC1128L-G1F UC1128L-G1K UC1128L-G1W UC1128L-G2X UC1128L-G7C UC1128L-GAN UC1128L-GPA UC1128L-GPJ UC1128L-GWX UC1128L-GXG UC1138L-41 UC1138L-50 UC1138L-66 UC1138L-74 UC1138L-98 UC1138L-G1C UC1138L-G1E UC1138L-G1F UC1138L-G1K UC1138L-G1W UC1138L-G2X UC1138L-G7C UC1138L-GAN UC1138L-GPA UC1138L-GPJ UC1138L-GWX UC1138L-GXG UC1148L-41 UC1148L-50 UC1148L-66 UC1148L-74 UC1148L-98 UC1148L-G1C UC1148L-G1E UC1148L-G1F UC1148L-G1K UC1148L-G1W UC1148L-G2X UC1148L-G7C UC1148L-GAN UC1148L-GPA UC1148L-GPJ UC1148L-GWX UC1148L-GXG UC1158L-G7C UC1158L-G9K UC1158L-GAN UC1158L-GAZ UC1158L-GBA UC1158L-GBV UC1158L-GWX UC1168L-G7C UC1168L-G9K UC1168L-GAN UC1168L-GAZ UC1168L-GBA UC1168L-GBV UC1168L-GWX UC2138L-N1 UC2138L-PQ UC2138L-RR UC2138L-SZ UC2138L-UG UC2138L-UH UC2138L-UJ UC2138L-UX UC2138L-YZ UC2148L-D7 UC2148L-J1 UC2148L-LQ UC2148L-N1 UC2148L-PQ UC2148L-RR UC2148L-SZ UC2148L-UG UC2148L-UH UC2148L-UJ UC2148L-UX UC2148L-W6 UC2148L-YZ UC2158L-DR UC2158L-E2 UC2158L-G1 UC2158L-GN UC2158L-H5 UC2158L-H7 UC2158L-HN UC2158L-J7 UC2158L-JX UC2158L-N1 UC2158L-N6 UC2158L-PQ UC2158L-RR UC2158L-SZ UC2158L-UG UC2158L-UH UC2158L-UX UC2158L-W6 UC2158L-YZ UC215L-D1 UC2168L-D1 UC2168L-DR UC2168L-E2 UC2168L-G1 UC2168L-GN UC2168L-H5 UC2168L-H7 UC2168L-HN UC2168L-J7 UC2168L-JX UC2168L-N1 UC2168L-N6 UC2168L-PQ UC2168L-RR UC2168L-SZ UC2168L-UG UC2168L-UH UC2168L-UX UC2168L-W6 UC2168L-YZ UC3078L-PAR UC3078L-PAU UC3078L-PBU UC3078L-PCL UC3078L-PDM UC3078L-PR4 UC3078L-PRP UC3078L-PS2 UC3078L-PW7 UC3078L-PX8 UC3078L-PXR UC3088L-PAR UC3088L-PAU UC3088L-PBU UC3088L-PCL UC3088L-PDM UC3088L-PR4 UC3088L-PRP UC3088L-PS2 UC3088L-PW7 UC3088L-PX8 UC3088L-PXR UC4118L-040 UC4118L-1D6 UC4118L-1G3 UC4118L-1H5 UC4118L-202 UC4118L-218 UC4118L-3R3 UC4118L-4U3 UC4118L-4X4 UC4118L-8T5 UC4118L-8W2 UC4128L-040 UC4128L-1D6 UC4128L-1G3 UC4128L-1H5 UC4128L-202 UC4128L-218 UC4128L-4U3 UC4128L-4X4 UC4128L-8T5 UC4128L-8W2 UC4138L-040 UC4138L-1D6 UC4138L-1G3 UC4138L-1H5 UC4138L-202 UC4138L-218 UC4138L-3R3 UC4138L-4V6 UC4138L-4X0 UC4138L-8T0 UC4138L-8W2 UC4148L-040 UC4148L-1D6 UC4148L-1G3 UC4148L-1H5 UC4148L-202 UC4148L-218 UC4148L-3R3 UC4148L-4V6 UC4148L-4X0 UC4148L-8T0 UC4148L-8W2

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Chevrolet (2014-2018)

Colorado, Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 3500 HD

Dodge (2009-2010)

Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500

Ford (2009-2017)


GMC (2014-2018)

Canyon, Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 3500 HD

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