3D Soltect Window Sun Shades

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  • Custom-fit sun shades
  • Sun glare, heat and UV rays minimized
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Safety for personal belongings
  • Three-year limited warranty

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    • Sun shades are precision-measured to fit your window frames.
    • Polyester mesh minimizes sun glare, heat and UV rays inside the car.
    • Tension-frame constructions allow for easy place-on installation.
    • Optional clips included for some applications.
    • Strangers have tinted view of the inside of your car while in a public space.
    • Get a complete set for your application.
    • Bag included to store your shades when not in use.
    • Guaranteed from defective materials or workmanship.

    Custom-fit sun shades

    3D Soltect sun shades are a perfect fit for most car models. Precision-measured with digital 3D scan to custom-fit the window frames of your vehicle application, they are very easy to use.

    Sun glare, heat and UV rays minimized

    Nothing spoils a ride in the sun like the sun glare and an overheated car interior. With these shades, relax and enjoy a cool interior whether out and about or at an open-air parking lot. Such inconveniences and UV rays are minimized thanks to the high-grade quality polyester mesh that doesn’t interfere with the quality of visibility.

    Easy to install and remove

    If you are weary of those sun shades with adhesives or suction cups, you are at the right place. With their tension-frame construction, Soltect's sun shades are easy to install and remove without any tools. Just press and push and you are good to go.

    Optional clips included

    For some applications, a few clips are needed to hold the shades in place, or two parts together. In such instances your 3D Soltect sun shades come with a few optional clips.

    Safety for personal belongings

    The sun shades allow you to enjoy the view during the ride and tint the view of strangers looking into your car while in a public place, adding privacy as well as security for your personal belongings.

    Complete sets available

    Complete sets are available for the front row, back row, quarter row or rear row windows depending on your vehicle application. They are highly recommended by satisfied customers.

    Safely store you shades

    3D Soltect sun shades come with a free storage bag to protect your shades when they are not in use, ensuring their longevity.

    3-year limited warranty

    The sun shades are guaranteed free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years.

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    This product comes with the manufacturer's three year limited warranty.
    The following part numbers are available in this product line:
    S1AD0051 S1AD0090 S1AD0091 S1AD0095 S1AD0260 S1AD0261 S1AD0265 S1AD0271 S1AD0330 S1AD0331 S1AD0335 S1BM0060 S1BM0061 S1BM0065 S1BM0170 S1BM0171 S1BM0175 S1BM0320 S1BM0321 S1BM0325 S1BM0370 S1BM0371 S1BM0375 S1BM0510 S1BM0511 S1BM0515 S1BM0540 S1BM0541 S1BM0545 S1BM0620 S1BM0621 S1BM0625 S1FR0291 S1HD0060 S1HD0061 S1HD0065 S1HD0080 S1HD0081 S1HD0085 S1HD0120 S1HD0121 S1HD0125 S1HD0410 S1HD0411 S1HD0415 S1HD0420 S1HD0421 S1HD0425 S1HD0430 S1HD0431 S1HD0435 S1HD0480 S1HD0481 S1HD0485 S1HD0550 S1HD0551 S1HD0555 S1HD0640 S1HD0641 S1HD0645 S1HY0210 S1HY0211 S1HY0215 S1HY0280 S1HY0281 S1HY0285 S1HY0330 S1HY0331 S1HY0335 S1HY0381 S1KA0070 S1KA0071 S1KA0075 S1KA0090 S1KA0091 S1KA0095 S1KA0170 S1KA0171 S1KA0175 S1KA0250 S1KA0251 S1KA0255 S1LR0060 S1LR0061 S1LR0065 S1LX0410 S1LX0411 S1LX0415 S1LX0440 S1LX0441 S1LX0445 S1LX0510 S1LX0511 S1LX0515 S1LX0550 S1LX0551 S1LX0555 S1MB0090 S1MB0091 S1MB0095 S1MB0570 S1MB0571 S1MB0575 S1MZ0130 S1MZ0131 S1MZ0135 S1MZ0150 S1MZ0151 S1MZ0155 S1MZ0380 S1MZ0381 S1MZ0385 S1MZ0390 S1MZ0391 S1MZ0395 S1MZ0400 S1MZ0401 S1MZ0405 S1MZ0430 S1MZ0431 S1MZ0435 S1MZ0440 S1MZ0441 S1MZ0445 S1MZ0450 S1MZ0451 S1MZ0455 S1MZ0510 S1MZ0511 S1MZ0515 S1PO0100 S1PO0101 S1PO0105 S1SB0030 S1SB0031 S1SB0035 S1SB0040 S1SB0041 S1SB0045 S1SB0050 S1SB0051 S1SB0055 S1SB0080 S1SB0081 S1SB0085 S1SB0090 S1SB0091 S1SB0095 S1SB0110 S1SB0111 S1SB0115 S1SB0130 S1SB0131 S1SB0135 S1TY0230 S1TY0231 S1TY0235 S1TY0400 S1TY0401 S1TY0405 S1TY0860 S1TY0861 S1TY0865 S1TY1270 S1TY1271 S1TY1275 S1TY1370 S1TY1371 S1TY1375 S1VV0150 S1VV0151 S1VV0155 S1VV0160 S1VV0161 S1VV0165 S1VW0080 S1VW0081 S1VW0085 S1VW0500 S1VW0501 S1VW0505
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