Axle Bolts

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What are axle bolts?

Axle bolts are fasteners that secure a vehicle's axle to the wheel hub.

What is the purpose of axle bolts?

The purpose of axle bolts is to firmly attach a vehicle's axle to the wheel hub.

How do I know if my axle bolts are faulty?

If your axle bolts are faulty, you may notice noise coming from the wheels, or a vibration when you accelerate or brake. You may also see rust or damage on the bolts.

Can a faulty axle bolt cause damage?

Yes, a faulty axle bolt can cause damage to the axle, wheel hub, or bearing, resulting in a costly repair.

How do I replace an axle bolt?

To replace an axle bolt, you should:

  1. Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands
  2. Remove the wheel and tire
  3. Remove the old axle bolt using a wrench
  4. Clean any rust and debris from the area
  5. Install the new axle bolt and secure it with a torque wrench
  6. Re-install the wheel and tire
  7. Lower the vehicle

How often should I inspect my axle bolts?

Axle bolts should be inspected for rust and damage at least once a year. If you drive in harsh conditions, such as off-roading, you should inspect them more often.