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Important: To get started, click the blue "Filter Options" button to select your vehicle and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What does body molding do?

The primary purpose of body molding is to prevent door dings from careless people. When you park at the grocery store, your car is prone to get dinged by someone parking next to you and carelessly opening their car door, or a rogue shopping cart getting carried by the wind.

The body molding is designed to sit on the most protruded part of your door, so that when a door or shopping cart comes flying at it, it should hit the body molding and not your door.

It doesn't prevent all door dings, but protective car body moldings do a pretty good job at keeping them to a minimum.

Are car body moldings paintable?

Some car body moldings are not designed to be painted, and are a rubbery/plastic black look. Sometimes there is a strip of chrome within the body moldings to spruce it up a bit.

We do sell custom painted car door moldings, and can make a set for nearly any vehicle on the road. All we need to know is the vehicle you drive and your paint color code. We have 4 styles to choose from in 1.25" and 2" width options.

Do you sell factory OE replacement pieces?

We sell a limited number of factory OE replacement moldings. If you contact us with the OE part number of the piece you are trying to replace, we will check to see if we have it in inventory.

The moldings on this page are all aftermarket and are not OE replacement moldings. Some people choose to remove all of their OE door moldings, and replace them with one of our aftermarket options. This is a good option if one of your factory pieces becomes damaged, and want a new, matching set.

How long does it take to ship the car body moldings?

The moldings we have listed in stock will ship same business day, and are usually delivered within 2-3 business days.

If you are looking at our custom painted door molding option, these can take anywhere from 1-5 business days to ship out. These are made and painted to order. The door moldings go through the full paint process in the paint booth, about 2-3 coats of paint and 1-2 coats of clear coat. We then need to wait until it dries before we are able to ship it out.

Depending on what time you order, and the availability of the paint booth, these moldings can take anywhere from 1-5 business days to ship out.

Do car door moldings look good?

In most cases, car door moldings look good on your car. This is especially the case if you have a truck or SUV, these vehicles are usually designed with door moldings in mind.

If you're not sure if your vehicle will look good with moldings, the best thing to do is go to Google and search for "your car with door moldings", for example "Honda civic with door moldings" and then click the "Images" tab. You'll probably get a few example photos of your vehicle with door moldings, so you can see if it would look good or not.