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Chevrolet Colorado Fender Flares

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What is the best OE style fender flares for the Chevy Colorado?

If you're looking for an OE Style set, take a look at the Lund SX style. This is a Sport style that closely mimics the OE factory style fender flares. It gives your truck the same showroom look, like it just rolled off the dealership floor with an upgraded trim package.

The Lund SX style is available in both standard and textured finishes. If you're looking for something a little more rugged, but don't want an oversized fender flare, the textured version is a good option.

Do these Colorado fender flares come painted?

Our Chevy Colorado fender flares are unpainted, but can easily be painted by your local body shop to match your truck.

If you're looking for a color matched flare, you will want any of our standard or smooth fender flares. This finish can easily be painted by any body paint shop. The textured flares are very difficult to paint (and don't look as good), so we don't recommend purchasing textured flares if you intend to paint them.

Another option is to use a wrap, although it may be difficult to find a color that looks exactly like your Colorado's paint color.

Are the pocket flares actually bolted to the Colorado?

The bolts in the pocket fender flares are just for looks. It's designed to make it look like your flares are bolted in from the side, which gives it a rugged appearance.

The flares are actually bolted in from under the wheel well using the factory mount point locations. It does not require any drilling or modifications to install, despite what the fender flares look like.

If you want a truly custom look, consider painting the stainless steel bolts that go in the fender flare. Some people paint these bolts to color match their truck, and some people use black bolts. It's an easy and cheap way to make your Colorado look a little more unique.

Does the Chevy Colorado come with fender flares?

It depends what options your Colorado was delivered with. Some of the upgraded trim packages do already come with a set of fender flares already installed. However, some of the basic trim levels do not come with any flares.

This is why a set of OE or Sport style fender flares can elevate your truck. It makes it look like you have an upgraded trim package, which is great for a quality showroom look.

Do I need fender flares if my Colorado has large tires?

In most states, state law requires you to have fender flares so that your oversized tires are covered. This is true if your tires extend past the wheel well, allowing rocks and debris to be kicked up on to other vehicles on the road. This is a safety issue for other vehicles, and can also protect your Colorado from accidental dings and dents.

If you have oversized tires, you will need to check with your state DMV to see if fender flares are required. Even if you are not legally bound, we still highly recommend a set to protect both your Colorado and other vehicles on the road.