Cost to Paint Fender Flares

We are asked this question a lot – what is the cost of painting a set of fender flares?  The answer isn’t exactly straightforward, but we can give you a good idea of what to expect.  Customers seeking painted fender flares are typically looking for a custom look that matches their truck or SUV.  Most choose to paint the flares the same color as their truck.   If you have a two-tone paint job (for example, the bottom panel is a different color, which is typical on a lot of Dodge Ram models) or rocker panels that are another color, it is also popular to have the fender flares match the bottom color.

Bushwacker Painted Fender Flares

Do-It-Yourself or Professional Painting?

We have a handy guide here that walks through the steps of painting a set of fender flares, but we highly recommend going through a professional shop.  There are several reasons for this – 1) the painter can guarantee a color match, 2) an accredited, insured body shop should include a paint warranty or guarantee, 3) professional equipment is used for a look that matches your factory paint job, and 4) it’s a whole lot less of a hassle!

When receiving quotes for your painted fender flares, we would highly recommend only trusting established, professional body shops.  Be aware of individuals selling their paint services at a discount – many times this ends up costing more and can be much more of a hassle.  Professional body shops have the experience and know-how to get the job done right, so do your research first!

So What's the Cost?

A reasonable charge for a set of professionally painted fender flares ranges from $300-400+.  Keep in mind that there are a lot of variances involved, so we highly recommend talking to a handful of body shops and discussing your requirements before choosing your painter.

It is advisable to purchase smooth flares if you are looking for a painted set.  A professional painter will sand down the flares to obtain a very smooth finish, which removes any texture your flares might have.

Painted Fender Flares Delivered to Your Door offers pre-painted fender flares at very reasonable prices.  We offere painted flares for most popular styles and applications.  Your fender flares will be painted within 2-3 business days of your order, and we’ll send you a tracking number to watch the package all the way to your door. 

Our professional painter applies 2-3 coats of paint (3 coats for metallic) and 2 coats of clear coat to each fender flare, giving the flares the same look as your factory truck or SUV.  We can paint your flares any color that you desire – all we need to know is your color code and VIN number to verify a match.  This information can be given to us during the checkout process.