Door & Tailgate Door Handle Replacements

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    Limited Lifetime Warranty Collision Products


    Your part is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the part is installed. The Limited Lifetime warranty includes perforation (metal rust-through) due to corrosion in normal use. In the event of a failure the manufacturer will repair or refund the purchase price at the manufacturer's option. To make a claim, you must provide proof of purchase to your place of purchase, or the business which installed the part, and a new part will be provided without charge. Reimbursement of installation labor, if incurred as a result of the failure of the part, must be pre-approved by the manufacturer.


    This warranty does not include any costs involved in installation (without pre-approval) nor does it cover failure or perforation resulting from accident, damage, abuse or improper installation. This warranty does not apply to commercial vehicles. *Chrome plated aluminum wheels have a one year warranty.


    Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

    Part Numbers

    The following part numbers are available in this product line:

    TO1312112 CH1310150 CH1311150 FO1915112 FO1915110 CH1310128 CH1311131 CH1310131 CH1310144 CH1311144 TO1521115 HO1311105 GM1915120 GM1820105 GM1820107 GM1310131 GM1521117 GM1520117 HU1311101 HU1520101 HU1521101 HU1310101 TO1310134 CH1354104 GM1820106 FO1820100 GM1820104 GM1915118 TO1353141 TO1352141 NI1311120 NI1310120 TO1915103 FO1352123 TO1352153 TO1352154 NI1311119 FO1353123 TO1353153 TO1353154 HO1552102 HY1520110 HY1521110 GM1311143 GM1311147 GM1521120 GM1520120 FO1552100 FO1553100 MI1353104 TO1352120 TO1353168 TO1352168 TO1353123 MI1353101 TO1352123 TO1352137 FO1521116 IZ1310104 IZ1311104 TO1353148 HU1310102 HU1311102 HU1520102 HU1521102 FO1311129 NI1310114 TO1915113 CH1311114 CH1520104 CH1310114 HY1310102 HY1311102 TO1353155 TO1352155 IZ1520102 IZ1521102 IZ1520100 IZ1521100 IZ1520103 IZ1521103 MA1311121 GM1311180 CH1311111 CH1520126 HY1310111 GM1310155 HY1311111 GM1311155 GM1520142 GM1520125 KI1521112 TO1352131 SZ1310101 SZ1311101 SZ1520103 SZ1521103 TO1521114 TO1520114 TO1353147 TO1352148 TO1352147 GM1310114 MI1310103 MI1521103 MI1520103 TO1311124 TO1310124 TO1521110 GM1521115 GM1520115 GM1521113 GM1520113 FO1311153 FO1310153 FO1310138 FO1310133 FO1310132 GM1310174 GM1311174 GM1520118 GM1521118 GM1311146 GM1311141 GM1521133 GM1520133 TO1520113 TO1521113 TO1353146 TO1352146 GM1310106 GM1311106 BM1352102 HO1352105 HO1353105 MI1311103 TO1353156 TO1352156 TO1353159 TO1352159 TO1353158 TO1352158 TO1353157 TO1521123 TO1311133 TO1520123 TO1310133 MA1520113 HO1393100 HO1392100 HO1310110 HO1311110 MA1521111 MA1520111 MI1311112 MI1310112 MA1311117 MA1310117 HO1310109 HO1311109 HO1520109 HO1521109 KI1311102 KI1310102 HO1521104 HO1520104 GM1915105 CH1915103 FO1310125 FO1310155 GM1553106 GM1552106 CH1310101 CH1311101 TO1313112 FO1521110 FO1520110 TO1915114 HY1352115 HY1353115 GM1310132 GM1311132 GM1311177 FO1311126 MA1521106 MA1520106 HY1311107 FO1310116 GM1520141 GM1310104 GM1915106 GM1311104 FO1915122 SZ1520101 SZ1310102 SZ1311102 NI1310115 NI1520107 NI1311115 NI1521107 FO1310142 GM1520136 GM1521136 HY1352104 HY1353104 HO1353119 HO1352119 TO1352162 HO1520101 HO1521101 TO1353162 FO1311142 CH1915104 TO1353169 TO1352169 NI1520103 NI1521103 TO1353138 TO1352138 NI1311113 NI1310113 TO1353137 TO1352136 TO1353136 TO1520101 TO1521101 CH1915105 MI1521109 MI1520109 TO1353149 TO1352149 TO1353150 TO1352150 CH1310116 CH1311116 CH1520106 CH1521106 KI1521101 KI1520113 KI1520112 HO1521105 HO1352116 HO1353116 KI1310103 KI1311103 KI1520101 HO1310108 HO1552105 HO1553105 HO1310111

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