Engine Valve Cover Nuts

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What are Engine Valve Cover Nuts?

Engine valve cover nuts are fasteners used to secure the valve cover, which is the part of the engine that covers the valves, to the engine block.

How do I determine if mine is faulty?

If there is an oil leak, it is likely that the valve cover nuts are loose or have been removed and not properly tightened. You can inspect the nuts to see if they are loose or if the threads are worn.

Can a faulty engine valve cover nut cause damage?

Yes, if the engine valve cover nuts are loose, it can cause oil to leak, which can damage the engine.

How do I replace an engine valve cover nut?

1) Loosen and remove the old engine valve cover nut.
2) Make sure the threads on the engine block are clean and free of debris.
3) Apply thread sealant to the new engine valve cover nut.
4) Install the new engine valve cover nut onto the engine block and tighten by hand.
5) Use a wrench or socket to fully tighten the engine valve cover nut to the engine block.

How often should I inspect my engine valve cover nuts?

You should inspect your engine valve cover nuts every time you change your oil, or at least every 6 months.