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Fix your damaged fender

The term “fender bender” is used to describe a minor accident, but even a minor bump may end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair costs – if you buy OEM fenders, that is!

Fenders are among the most frequently damaged auto parts with a 21% chance of being damaged in a collision. What those kind of odds, you don’t want to spend a truckload of money buying body parts at dealer prices.

Fenders from Part Catalog are precision built to OEM specifications and perform exactly the same job as factory-fitted fenders at only a fraction of the price. These fenders are made from extra-strength impact-resistant steel that is every bit as durable as its OEM counterpart.


We strongly recommend professional installation to ensure optimal and secure fitment. The fenders are sold unpainted - for painted applications you will need to have them painted by your local body shop to match your vehicle’s color. Please note that installation instructions and hardware is not supplied with this product, and you will need original installation hardware for proper mounting.

How to select a fender

Almost every make and model comes with different appearance packages, which may have different fender styles. Before purchase, please do a visual verification that the fender of your choice is an exact match for your particular make and model. If you are unable to verify due to any reason, please contact us with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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Limited Lifetime Warranty Collision Products


Your part is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the part is installed. The Limited Lifetime warranty includes perforation (metal rust-through) due to corrosion in normal use. In the event of a failure the manufacturer will repair or refund the purchase price at the manufacturer's option. To make a claim, you must provide proof of purchase to your place of purchase, or the business which installed the part, and a new part will be provided without charge. Reimbursement of installation labor, if incurred as a result of the failure of the part, must be pre-approved by the manufacturer.


This warranty does not include any costs involved in installation (without pre-approval) nor does it cover failure or perforation resulting from accident, damage, abuse or improper installation. This warranty does not apply to commercial vehicles. *Chrome plated aluminum wheels have a one year warranty.


Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

The following part numbers are available in this product line:
MA1249134 MA1248134 CH1240231 CH1241231 GM1248179 GM1249179 MA1241144 MA1240144 GM1269107 GM1269108 GM1268108 GM1268107 GM1248181 GM1249181 GM1251124 IN1249112 IN1248112 MA1240148 MA1241148 MA1248117 MA1249117 SU1248113 SU1249113 IN1240110 IN1241110 IN1248113 IN1249113 IN1248107 IN1249107 TO1248150 TO1249150 GM1248178 GM1249178 MA1241143 MA1240143 GM1250123 GM1251123 MA1248118 MA1241147 MA1249118 MA1240147 IN1240111 IN1241111 IN1248115 IN1248114 IN1249114 CH1248110 CH1249110 TO1248151 BM1249106 BM1248106 BM1249104 BM1248104 GM1248183 GM1249183 CH1248152 CH1249152 GM1250113 GM1251114 GM1240234 GM1241234 GM1241118 NI1241105 GM1246110 GM1247110 NI1240185 NI1241185 HY1240135 HY1241135 MA1249138 MA1248138 HY1250111 HY1251111 NI1250134 NI1251134 MA1248123 MA1249123 NI1240169 NI1241169 MA1248124 MA1249124 NI1250128 NI1251128 NI1240189 NI1241189 NI1248116 NI1249116 AC1240111 AC1241111 HY1240136 HY1241136 HY1250110 HY1251110 KI1250113 KI1251112 FO1240130 FO1241131 BM1241125 BM1240125 NI1250111 NI1251111 CH1248107 CH1249107 FO1241233 FO1292105 FO1293105 FO1293106 CH1241196 CH1240186 GM1241255 BM1240139 BM1241139 HY1241131 HY1240131 HY1240132 HY1241132 HY1250106 HY1251106 HO1248126 HO1249126 GM1247116 VO1240115 VO1241115 MA1249126 MA1248126 GM1240335 GM1241335 TO1240222 TO1241222 AU1241120 FO1241246 FO1240246 FO1241245 FO1240245 SU1240135 SU1241135 NI1240182 NI1241182 MB1240134 MB1241134 GM1249188 GM1248188 GM1251115 GM1248165 GM1249165 NI1241121 NI1240158 MA1240154 MA1240115 MA1241125 TO1250101 NI1240118 TO1240123 TO1240126 MA1241154 NI1241158 NI1241112 TO1241125 TO1241128 TO1251101 CH1248103 CH1249103 NI1249103 TO1249110 FO1247108 FO1246108 GM1248186 GM1249186 TO1241206 TO1240206 TO1248111 TO1249111 TO1248134 TO1249134 TO1248110 TO1240158 TO1241157 GM1248164 GM1249164 GM1241195 GM1240184 MI1240156 BM1240142 BM1241142 AC1249106 AC1240115 AC1240109 AC1241115 AC1241109 AC1248106 NI1240162 NI1241162 NI1240170 NI1241170 AC1249125 AC1248125 AC1248126 AC1249126 NI1250129 NI1251129 NI1251127 NI1250127 HO1240122 HO1241122 FO1240161 MA1240151 MA1241151 NI1241122 MA1241153 TO1240145 TO1241146 TO1250102 GM1248187 MA1240153 TO1240124 TO1240127 TO1241129 MA1240127 MA1240155 MA1241155 TO1251102 GM1249187 NI1248103 NI1248102 NI1249102 CH1249104 CH1248104 TO1241161 TO1240161 GM1248163 GM1249163 TO1248135 TO1249135 TO1240208 TO1241208 CH1248130 CH1249130 TO1240117 TO1240166 TO1241166 CH1250133 CH1251133 MI1240138 MI1241138 NI1251113 HO1249134 MA1248133 MA1249133 HO1250112 GM1269103
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