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Floor Humps

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What is a Floor Hump?

A Floor Hump is an automotive part located in the floor of a vehicle, usually near the pedals. Its purpose is to provide support for the floor and prevent it from sagging.

How can I tell if my Floor Hump is faulty?

You can check for signs of wear and tear such as rust, cracks, and loose screws. If there are any of these signs present, it is likely that the Floor Hump needs to be replaced.

Can a faulty Floor Hump cause damage to my vehicle?

Yes, a faulty Floor Hump can cause structural damage to a vehicle if it is not replaced.

How do I replace a Floor Hump?

Replacing a Floor Hump is a relatively simple process:

  1. Disconnect the battery.
  2. Remove the old Floor Hump.
  3. Install the new Floor Hump.
  4. Secure the new Floor Hump with screws.
  5. Reconnect the battery.

How often should I inspect my Floor Hump?

It is recommended to inspect your Floor Hump every 6 months or so to make sure it is in good condition. Make sure to check for signs of wear and tear that may indicate the need for a replacement.