Folding Tonneau Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive are folding tonneau covers?

The cost of a folding tonneau cover varies widely depending on the brand of the cover and the feature set of the cover. Costs range from $250 all the way up to $1,750. Simply select your truck in our Year/Make/Model search tool above to see what options are available for you.

Why should I get a folding tonneau cover?

There are many reasons to get a folding tonneau cover, including:

  • Easy handling of awkward cargo: A folding tonneau cover allows you to cover some parts of your bed but not others, allowing you to transport large or awkwardly-shaped cargo.
  • Added security: Any tonneau cover will prevent your cargo from stolen from out of your truck bed. tonneau covers that are made of hard plastic or fiberglass are especially deterring to looters.
  • Weather protection: A tonneau cover protects your cargo from the elements as well as it does would-be thieves.
  • Privacy: tonneau covers protect your truck bed from thieves, bad weather, and also wandering eyes. Whatever is in your truck bed is your business: let the curious look elsewhere.
  • Improved gas mileage: Without a cover, air flows into your truckbed while you are driving, producing drag which slows you down. A tonneau cover will increase your gas mileage.
  • Style: Many customers appreciate the sleek and streamlined look a tonneau cover brings to their truck.

What are the different types of folding tonneau covers?

Folding tonneau covers are not all the same. Some have more panels than others. Tri-fold tonneau covers are the most popular and are made up of 3 panels. Quad-fold tonneau covers are also available and are made up of 4 panels. Quad-fold covers are typically more expensive but they offer more space for larger cargo items. This is because when a tri-fold tonneau cover is fully open and the panels all stacked towards the cab, it takes up a third of your truck bed, leaving only two-thirds open. The panels of a quad-fold tonneau cover are smaller, taking up a fourth of your bed when stacked and leaving three-fourths open. Some quad-fold tonneau covers, such as the BAKFilp G2, have the valuable feature of being able to fold up when fully stacked, allowing the bed to be nearly 100% open.

Folding tonneau covers can be made of different materials as well, including hard plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and canvas. As a general rule, you can expect hard folding tonneau covers to be more expensive than soft folding tonneau covers. But while more expensive, hard covers will better protect your cargo from being stolen.

How easy is it to install a folding tonneau cover?

Very easy. Most folding tonneau covers are attached to the truck bed with clamp-on mechanisms to the inside rail lip and can be detached and reattached quickly and with ease. Installation requires nothing more than simple hand tools.

How much do folding tonneau covers weigh?

It depends on the material used in the cover, but generally they weigh 45 – 60 lb.

What brand of folding tonneau cover best fits my needs?

If you’re on a tight budget, look to the vinyl ProEFX Tri-Fold tonneau cover. Starting at just $249.99, this cover will give you the same weather protection, privacy, and gas mileage provided by more expensive covers.

On the premium side, BAK’s line of BAKFlip tonneau covers has a wide range of folding tonneau cover options. The quality of these cover are unparalleled, built with hardened fiberglass and high-density aircraft grade aluminum, and all the hinges are made of corrosion-proof EPDM rubber. These are some of the toughest tonneau covers on the market.

Extang brand folding tonneau covers offer a balance of quality and price between ProEFX and BAK covers.