Front Bumper Cover Replacements


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Fix your damaged front bumper cover

Bumper covers are one of the most frequently damaged automotive parts and also one of the priciest to replace if paying OEM or dealer prices. Part Catalog brings you the finest quality bumper covers for your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of OEM versions.

Made with high-density reinforced plastic, our front bumper covers are guaranteed to match OEM specifications down to the last millimeter. You will appreciate the look and finish at first glance.

If your vehicle’s has been damaged in a collision, or you simply want to replace your old, scratched front bumper with a new one, Part Catalog offers premium replacement options at unbelievably low prices.


We strongly recommend professional installation to ensure optimal and secure fitment. The front bumper covers are sold unpainted - if your vehicle has a painted bumper, this will need to be painted by your local body shop to match your vehicle’s color. Please note that installation instructions and hardware are not supplied with this product, and you will need original installation hardware for proper mounting.

How to select a front bumper

Almost every make and model comes with different appearance packages, which may have different front bumper styles. Before purchase, please do a visual verification that the bumper cover of your choice is an exact match for your particular make and model. If you are unable to verify due to any reason, please contact us with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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Limited Lifetime Warranty Collision Products


Your part is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the part is installed. The Limited Lifetime warranty includes perforation (metal rust-through) due to corrosion in normal use. In the event of a failure the manufacturer will repair or refund the purchase price at the manufacturer's option. To make a claim, you must provide proof of purchase to your place of purchase, or the business which installed the part, and a new part will be provided without charge. Reimbursement of installation labor, if incurred as a result of the failure of the part, must be pre-approved by the manufacturer.


This warranty does not include any costs involved in installation (without pre-approval) nor does it cover failure or perforation resulting from accident, damage, abuse or improper installation. This warranty does not apply to commercial vehicles. *Chrome plated aluminum wheels have a one year warranty.


Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

The following part numbers are available in this product line:
HO1000239 CH1000432 CH1000433 GM1015100 GM1000680 GM1000648 GM1014103 GM1051104 GM1051110 GM1014102 GM1000239 GM1000234 CH1000160 GM1000333 NI1000163 HY1000117 HO1000177 SU1000126 VW1000126 GM1000586 NI1000242 HO1000259 HY1000158 MA1000223 SU1000152 SU1000143 CH1000439 HY1000157 NI1000178 VW1000133 GM1000639 HY1000144 HY1000145 KI1000127 BM1000153 BM1000154 NI1000219 BM1000177 BM1000178 BM1000179 BM1000180 GM1000767 FO1000600 FO1000630 GM1000840 NI1000245 FO1000634 IN1000233 IN1000234 GM1000850 GM1051109 SZ1000102 NI1000241 TO1000190 TO1000302 TO1095171 GM1000557 GM1000551 BM1000189 BM1000134 BM1000135 AC1000133 GM1015104 CH1000440 BM1000111 HO1000211 HO1000104 HO1000174 HO1000254 TO1000305 MA1000181 FO1057279 GM1000552 GM1000556 TO1000191 LKQ100990 CH1000441 HO1000255 TO1000319 CH1000442 CH1000875 CH1000250 FO1000437 FO1000574 GM1000585 FO1000553 CH1000452 GM1000835 GM1000738 GM1000619 TO1000349 TO1000304 CH1000241 GM1000836 MC1000101 MC1000103 GM1000737 MB1000124 TO1000254 GM1000733 TO1000343 GM1000610 HO1000248 GM1000731 GM1000662 FO1000441 FO1000494 FO1000490 KI1000137 FO1000519 AC1000160 CH1000327 CH1000272 FO1000554 TO1000236 TO1015103 TO1000294 CH1000326 CH1000446 TO1000297 MB1000145 CH1000261 HO1000237 HO1000262 MI1000228 MI1000255 MI1000256 GM1000591 NI1000234 BM1000109 GM1000741 MI1000318 CH1000364 MA1000163 HO1000134 HO1000118 MA1000154 HO1000214 GM1000856 FO1000522 FO1000599 FO1000447 FO1000558 MA1000155 CH1000148 CH1000235 CH1000822 MI1000300 MA1000164 MA1000174 KI1000118 HO1000215 KI1000135 KI1000129 HO1000263 HO1000225 HO1000208 KI1000136 HO1000222 NI1000162 SU1000153 TO1000321 BM1000101 GM1000855 FO1001145 GM1000508 HY1000135 MI1000324 GM1000699 GM1000698 TO1000278 NI1000251 NI1000248 AC1000120 FO1000518 MA1000218 SU1000160 SU1000149 SU1000140 SU1000124 VW1000135 GM1014100 GM1000658 GM1000751 CH1000334 TO1000240 NI1000175 FO1000425 FO1000398 MB1000171 SU1000134 GM1000194 CH1000411 CH1000232 GM1000332 BM1000146 CH1000933 CH1000338 MB1000172 MB1000141 VW1000139 CH1000378 CH1000870 CH1000871 CH1000379 CH1000451 CH1000450 FO1000456 HO1000257 NI1000108 HO1000135 GM1000286 GM1000592 GM1000581 FO1000465 SZ1000135 FO1000616 FO1000617 NI1000177 MI1000282 MB1000196 HY1000127 GM1000509 GM1000511 GM1000263 FO1000614 FO1000575 FO1000216 NI1000123 NI1000157 HY1000138 KI1000138 HY1000131 KI1000131 HO1000235 HO1000266 LX1000168 LX1000198 TO1000232 LX1000166 TO1000327 SU1000136 CH1000265 CH1000312 CH1000844 CH1000843 CH1000264 CH1000315 CH1000932 VO1000148
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