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  • Constructed from 16-gauge zinc-coated steel
  • 5” cab length board
  • Black texture finish
  • Easy to install

Protect your vehicle’s paint job from harmful road debris such as flying stones and gravel with the Go Rhino running board. This wide step platform will also improve access to your vehicle.

This Go Rhino running board will bring style, durability, and strength to your vehicle. You can guarantee sure footing under all types of weather with this.

Constructed from high quality material and protected with black texture finish that can resist corrosion, this will surely last for years. Expect a more convenient step to your ride with this 5” wide step that is also slip-resistant.

Installation of this Go Rhino running board is easy. It doesn’t require any drilling and it will only take you a couple of minutes. And then you're ready to hit the road!

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Go Rhino® warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. This limited warranty extends for 5 years for black finishes, 5 years for chrome finishes, and for the lifetime of the product for polished stainless finished products.
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
63404280T 63404787T 63405187T 63410000T 63412680T 63415087T 63415587T 63418087T 63420687T 63423580T 63429980T 63441580T 63441687T 63442987T 63450568T 640052PS 640052T 640067PS 640067T 640071PS 640071T 640075PS 640075T 640080PS 640080T 640087PS 640087T 650052PS 650052T 650067PS 650067T 650071PS 650071T 650075PS 650075T 650080PS 650080T 650087PS 650087T 660052PS 660052T 660080PS 660080T 660087PS 660087T 660096PS 660104PS 660104T 660112PS 660112T 660124PS 660124T 660152PS 660152T 660180PS 660180T 660187PS 660187T 661096PS 661096T 67044PS 67045B 67045PS 67045T 67046PS 67047PS 67047T 67048PS 67048T 67049PS 67049T 67097PS 67099PS 67099T 67106PS 67106T 67126PS 67126T 67150PS 67151PS 67151T 67176PS 67176T 67180PS 67180T 67206PS 67206T 67299PS 67299T 67351PS 67351T 67415PS 67415T 67416PS 67416T 67427PS 67427T 67429PS 67429T 680080B 680080C 680087B 680087C 684403480PS 684403480T 684404080PS 684404080T 684404387PS 684404387T 684404552PS 684404552T 684404580PS 684404580T 684404587PS 684404587T 684404680PS 684404680T 684404687PS 684404687T 684404987PS 684404987T 684406771PS 684406771T 684406775PS 684406775T 684409787PS 684409787T 684409952PS 684409952T 684409980PS 684409980T 684409987PS 684409987T 684411075PS 684411075T 684412652PS 684412652T 684412680PS 684412680T 684412687PS 684412687T 684413367PS 684413367T 684413675PS 684413675T 684415587PS 684415587T 684418052PS 684418052T 684418080PS 684418080T 684418087PS 684418087T 684423971PS 684423971T 684434071PS 684434071T 684435180PS 684435180T 684435187PS 684435187T 684439980PS 684439980T 684439987PS 684439987T 684440867PS 684440867T 684440971PS 684440971T 684441552PS 684441552T 684441580PS 684441580T 684441587PS 684441587T 684442987PS 684442987T 684481467PS 684481467T 684490267PS 684490267T 684490367PS 684490367T 685403480CB 685403480CC 685403480PS 685403480T 685404080CB 685404080CC 685404080PS 685404080T 685404387CB 685404387CC 685404387PS 685404387T 685404552PS 685404552T 685404580CB 685404580CC 685404580PS 685404580T 685404587CB 685404587CC 685404587PS 685404587T 685404680CB 685404680CC 685404680PS 685404680T 685404687CB 685404687CC 685404687PS 685404687T 685404987CB 685404987CC 685404987PS 685404987T 685406771PS 685406771T 685406775PS 685406775T 685409787CB 685409787CC 685409787PS 685409787T 685409952PS 685409952T 685409980CB 685409980CC 685409980PS 685409980T 685409987CB 685409987CC 685409987PS 685409987T 685411075PS 685411075T 685412652PS 685412652T 685412680CB 685412680CC 685412680PS 685412680T 685412687CB 685412687CC 685412687PS 685412687T 685413367PS 685413367T 685413675PS 685413675T 685415587CB 685415587CC 685415587PS 685415587T 685418052PS 685418052T 685418080CB 685418080CC 685418080PS 685418080T 685418087CB 685418087CC 685418087PS 685418087T 685423971PS 685423971T 685434071PS 685434071T 685435180CB 685435180CC 685435180PS 685435180T 685435187CB 685435187CC 685435187PS 685435187T 685439980CB 685439980CC 685439980PS 685439980T 685439987CB 685439987CC 685439987PS 685439987T 685440867PS 685440867T 685440971PS 685440971T 685441552PS 685441552T 685441580CB 685441580CC 685441580PS 685441580T 685441587CB 685441587CC 685441587PS 685441587T 685442987CB 685442987CC 685442987PS 685442987T 685481467PS 685481467T 685490267PS 685490267T 685490367PS 685490367T 6862403480PS 6862403480T 6862404080PS 6862404080T 6862404387PS 6862404387T 6862404552PS 6862404552T 6862404580PS 6862404580T 6862404587PS 6862404587T 6862404680PS 6862404680T 6862404687PS 6862404687T 6862404987PS 6862404987T 6862409787PS 6862409787T 6862409952PS 6862409952T 6862409980PS 6862409980T 6862409987PS 6862409987T 6862412652PS 6862412652T 6862412680PS 6862412680T 6862412687PS 6862412687T 6862415587PS 6862415587T 6862418052PS 6862418052T 6862418080PS 6862418080T 6862418087PS 6862418087T 6862435180PS 6862435180T 6862435187PS 6862435187T 6862439980PS 6862439980T 6862439987PS 6862439987T 6862441552PS 6862441552T 6862441580PS 6862441580T 6862441587PS 6862441587T 6862442987PS 6862442987T 686403480PS 686403480T 686404080PS 686404080T 686404387PS 686404387T 686404552PS 686404552T 686404580PS 686404580T 686404587PS 686404587T 686404680PS 686404680T 686404687PS 686404687T 686404987PS 686404987T 686409787PS 686409787T 686409796PS 686409952PS 686409952T 686409980PS 686409980T 686409987PS 686409987T 686409996PS 686412652PS 686412652T 686412680PS 686412680T 686412687PS 686412687T 686415587PS 686415587T 686418052PS 686418052T 686418080PS 686418080T 686418087PS 686418087T 686435180PS 686435180T 686435187PS 686435187T 686439980PS 686439980T 686439987PS 686439987T 686441552PS 686441552T 686441580PS 686441580T 686441587PS 686441587T 686442987PS 686442987T
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Buick (2008-2013)


Chevrolet (1999-2018)

Avalanche, Colorado, Equinox, Silverado 1500, Silverado 1500 HD, Silverado 2500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 3500, Silverado 3500 HD, Traverse

Dodge (2002-2017)

Durango, Journey, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500

Ford (1999-2018)

Escape, Explorer, F-150, F-250, F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty, Ranger

GMC (1999-2018)

Acadia, Canyon, Sierra 1500, Sierra 1500 HD, Sierra 2500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 3500, Sierra 3500 HD, Terrain

Honda (2012-2014)


Jeep (2007-2018)

Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Wrangler JK

Kia (2011-2014)

Sorento, Sportage

Mitsubishi (2016-2017)


Nissan (2004-2017)

NP300, NP300 Frontier, Rogue, Titan

Ram (2011-2018)

1500, 2500, 3500

Toyota (2005-2018)

4Runner, Hilux, RAV4, Tacoma, Tundra

Volkswagen (2016-2017)