GT Styling Bug-Gard Hood Protector

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  • Contemporary full height design hood protector
  • High-quality Composilite
  • Easy removal
  • No-drill installation
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

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  • Protects the full height of the hood and deflects bugs and stone chips away from the windshield
  • Superior quality which is tough against the road elements
  • Gets off the hood easily to allow quick cleaning
  • Easy and quick installation with 3M adhesive tape
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty guarantees the hood protector to work without any defects in material or workmanship
  • Made in the USA by the best experts using high quality material
Contemporary full height design hood protector

Contemporary full height design hood protector

While you are safe inside your vehicle cruising down the road, your hood and windshield are subjected to constant torture by stone chips and other road elements. These create dings and dents on your vehicle, causing it to look beat and worn out. GT Styling Bug-Gard is made specifically for this reason. It will install and provide protection to the full height of the hood and deflect bugs and stone chips away from your windshield, ensuring you get unblurred vision.

High-quality Composilite

High-quality Composilite

Made of superior quality Composilite, this hood protector will hold perfectly well against the elements and will not be damaged easily. You can expect it to serve you for a very long time.

Easy removal

Easy removal

Cleaning your vehicle with this hood protector is no hassle, since it comes off easily without any tools required.

No-drill installation

No-drill installation

The installation of this hood protector is super easy. It requires no drilling and it uses 3M adhesive, which means you will simply have to paste it on your hood and be set to use it.

Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

GT Styling Bug-Gard is made with the best and by the best. It is guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty to work without any manufacturing defects of material or workmanship.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

GT Styling prides itself with world-class material and precise craftsmanship by the best experts in the industry. It manufactures all its products in the USA and employs cutting edge technology to ensure they deliver the best.

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This product comes with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
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70107C 70107S 70107X 70108C 70108S 70108X 70109C 70109S 70109X 70110C 70110S 70111C 70111S 70112C 70112S 70112X 70114C 70114S 70114X 70115C 70115S 70116C 70116S 70117C 70117S 70118C 70118S 70118X 70119C 70119S 70120C 70120S 70121C 70121S 70122C 70122S 70123C 70123S 70124C 70124S 70125C 70125S 70126C 70126S 70128C 70128S 70129C 70129S 70130C 70130S 70131C 70131S 70131X 70132C 70132S 70133C 70133S 70134C 70134S 70134X 70136C 70136S 70137C 70137S 70137X 70138C 70138S 70139C 70139S 70139X 70140C 70140S 70141C 70141S 70143C 70143S 70144C 70144S 70145C 70145S 70146C 70146S 70147C 70147S 70147X 70148C 70148S 70149C 70149S 70149X 70150C 70150S 70151C 70151S 70151X 70152C 70152S 70152X 70153C 70153S 70154C 70154S 70155C 70155S 70156C 70156S 70157C 70157S 70158C 70158S 70159C 70159S 70160C 70160S 70160X 70161C 70161S 70162C 70162S 70162X 70163C 70163S 70164C 70164S 70164X 70168C 70168S 70168X 70170C 70170S 70170X 70171C 70171S 70172C 70172S 70173C 70173S 70173X 70174C 70174S 70175C 70175S 70175X 70176C 70176S 70177C 70177S 70178C 70178S 70178X 70179C 70179S 70179X 70180C 70180S 70182C 70182S 70182X 70183C 70183S 70183X 70184C 70184S 70184X 70185C 70185S 70185X 70186C 70186S 70186X 70187C 70187S 70187X 70191C 70191S 70191X 70195C 70195S 70197C 70197S 70201C 70201S 70201X 70203C 70203S 70220C 70220S 70220X 70221C 70221S 70229C 70229S 70238C 70238S 70238X 70239C 70239S 70239X 70244C 70244S 70244X 70246C 70246S 70251C 70251S 70251X 70252C 70252S 70252X 70256C 70256S 70256X 70258C 70258S 70258X 70259C 70259S 70259X 70266C 70266S 70267C 70267S 70267X 70270C 70270S 70289C 70289S 70289X 70290C 70290S 70290X 70291C 70291S 70291X 70292S 70292X 70298C 70298S 70299C 70299S 70315C 70315S 70315X 70317C 70317S 70317X 70323C 70323S 70336C 70336S 70510C 70510S 70510X 70511C 70511S 70540C 70540S 70540X 70545C 70545S 70545X 70640C 70640S 70640X 70694C 70694S 70696C 70696S 70696X 70740C 70740S 70740X 70779C 70779S 70779X 70789C 70789S 70789X 70821C 70821S 70839C 70839S 70839X 70899C 70899S 70899X 70997C 70997S 70997X 70998C 70998S 70998X 70999C 70999S 70999X 71100C 71100S 71110C 71110S 71119C 71119S 71120C 71120S 71122C 71122S 71122X 71170C 71186C 71186S 71187C 71187S 71192C 71192S 71192X 71200C 71200S 71203C 71203S 71203X 71204C 71204S 71205C 71205S 71205X 71240C 71240S 71240X 71245C 71245S 71250C 71250S 71264C 71264S 71264X 71268C 71268S 71286C 71286S 71300C 71300S 71301C 71301S 71308C 71308S 71308X 71310C 71310S 71311C 71311S 71311X 71313C 71313S 71320C 71320S 71321C 71321S 71322C 71322S 71330C 71330S 71331C 71331S 71332C 71332S 71334C 71334S 71334X 71400C 71400S 71409C 71409S 71409X 71410C 71410S 71415C 71415S 71415X 71416C 71416S 71416X 71450C 71450S 71531C 71531S 71550C 71550S 71555C 71555S 71560C 71560S 71561C 71561S 71615C 71615S 71620C 71620S 71621C 71621S 71623C 71623S 71632C 71632S 71650C 71650S 71651C 71651S 71651X 71675C 71675S 71675X 71710C 71710S 71715C 71715S 71715X 71720C 71720S 71720X 71722C 71722S 71722X 71770C 71770S 71771C 71771S 71775C 71775S 71780C 71780S 71800C 71800S 71810C 71810S 71815C 71815S 71818C 71818S 71818X 71874C 71874S 71901C 71901S 71902C 71902S 71902X 71911C 71911S

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