Hinged Tonneau Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting a hinged tonneau cover over the other kinds of tonneau covers?

Yes, there are a few unique benefits: for one, most hinged tonneau covers are made of hard cover, unlike tonneau covers which are soft cover, made of cloth or vinyl. Soft covers have an obvious security flaw: thieves can cut them open with a simple razor. This is not possible with a hard cover hinged tonneau cover.

Perhaps the greatest benefit offered a hinged tonneau cover is that it is easier to open and close than any other kinds of tonneau cover. Roll-up covers have to be rolled up and strapped to the bulkhead; snap covers have to have to have a series of snaps undone. Folding covers are easier to open, but not quite as easy as a hinged cover. A hinged tonneau cover has an opening mechanism just like the hood of your car: it opens and closes with just one motion.

What are the drawbacks to getting a hinged tonneau cover over the other kinds of tonneau covers?

Indeed, there are some drawbacks as well. Those snaps and roll-up covers are easier to open, sure, but once you finally get them open, they do allow 100% open access to your truck bed. The same is not sure with a hinged cover, because even when it is all the way open you’ll have a big slab of fiberglass sitting just feet, inches as you get closer to the cab, above the rails in your bed. If you’re trying to transport tall or awkwardly shaped cargo in a truck with a hinged tonneau cover, you’ll have to remove the entire cover, and that can be a real pain.

How much does a hinged tonneau cover cost?

It depends on the brand of the cover and the make and model of your truck, but you can expect to pay at least $400 for an Extang model hinged tonneau cover. There are more expensive models that go up into the 4 figures.

What material are hinged tonneau covers made of?

As mentioned previously in this FAQ, hinged tonneau covers are generally hard cover, made of fiberglass, aluminum, or hard plastic. But there are also hinged tonneau covers made of soft material like vinyl and cloth, and these are cheaper. Soft covers are also much lighter and easier to handle, which you should especially consider if you are planning on lugging around a lot of tall cargo that will require you to take your hinged cover on and off a lot.

But while they are more expensive, hard hinged tonneau covers offer the valuable feature of more security than a soft cover. Consider your security needs before you make the decision of hard vs. soft.

How do I remove my hinged tonneau cover?

Once installed (which only takes 20 – 30 minutes itself), removing an ExTang FullTilt hinged cover is easy: no tools required. You can just remove the shocks by hand using a ball and joint snap release. Then just pick the cover up towards the cab and lift it away. That’s all it takes.