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Why do I need Honda Odyssey seat covers?

Let's be honest - if you're driving a Honda Odyssey, you are likely towing kids around to school, sports practices, or carpooling, etc. With so much activity, and with kids, it is incredibly easy to stain or ruin your seats.

This is where a seat cover comes in handy. If you spill something, get dirt on the seat, etc., it is no problem at all. When it's time to clean it, you can take the seat cover out of your Odyssey and give it a good wash.

Your seats will remain looking like they are in new and pristine condition - because they will be!

What seat cover is best for dogs?

If you need a seat cover in your Honda Odyssey for your dog, we have some great options.

We have several seat covers that are specially made for dogs, including 1 CoverAll seat cover that also protects the seatback of the front row. If your dog roams around, sticks his nose on things, or likes to lick, the extra seatback protector is valuable. No more wet snoot marks on the back of your seat!

This will also help to keep the shedding fur from sticking around in the car. Although it's not going to contain it 100%, the fur will be much more likely to be contained on the seat cover, which can easily be removed and washed.

Your Honda Odyssey will thank you!

How fast will I get my Odyssey seat cover?

The Covercraft seat covers are custom fit and made to order. They can take up to a few weeks to ship out (see the latest estimate on each product page). We give you a lot of options when ordering, including the color of seat protector. Each seat protector is made to your exact specifications, and takes a little bit of extra time to manufacture and ship out.

All non-Covercraft seat protectors, such as the universal WeatherTech seat protectors, that are in stock, will ship the same business day. These are normally delivered in about 2-3 business days.

Can I use my seatbelts with a seat protector?

Yes, of course! All of the seat protectors that we sell are fully compatible with your seat belts. The seat protector will have a notch or cut out so that you can slip the seat belt receiver through. This allows you to clip and out quickly.

Are the Honda Odyssey seat covers washable?

Yes, all of the seat covers that we sell are washable. For specific cleaning and washing instructions, please consult the information sheet and/or care tag that comes with your seat protector. You will want to make sure to follow all washing instructions.

Seat protectors are meant to get dirty. We recommend cleaning them from time to time so that dirt and grime isn't tracked elsewhere. The darker seat cover colors can hide messes really well, so we recommend cleaning on a routine schedule - even if your seat covers look clean.