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What is a Control Module?

A Control Module is an electronic component of a car’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. It is responsible for controlling the fan speed in the vehicle, as well as the temperature, air distribution and recirculation.

How do I know if my Control Module is faulty?

If your Control Module is faulty, you may experience a number of symptoms. These include: a lack of airflow from the vents, a loud noise from the blower motor, or the fan speed not changing when the temperature dial is adjusted.

Can a faulty Control Module cause damage?

Yes, a faulty Control Module can cause further damage to the HVAC system. If the fan speed does not change when the temperature is adjusted, it can cause the engine to overheat, and the HVAC system to become damaged.

How do I replace a Control Module?

To replace a Control Module, you will need to first locate the Control Module in your car. It is usually found under the dashboard, just behind the glove compartment. Once located, you will need to disconnect the negative battery cable, unbolt the Control Module and remove it. Then, install the new Control Module, bolt it into place and reconnect the negative battery cable.