MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter for Chevrolet/GMC | MAG241306

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  • Direct fit, California-compliant catalytic converter
  • Catalog Number: MagnaFlow 3391256
  • Fits: Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet C1500, Chevrolet C1500 Suburban, Chevrolet C2500, Chevrolet C2500 Suburban + 14 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter for Chevrolet/GMC | 3391256

Product Specifications:

  • California Legal: Yes
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Inlet Size: 2-1/4 Inch
  • Inlet Attachment: Bolt-On
  • Outlet Size: 2-1/4 Inch
  • Outlet Attachment: Bolt-On
  • Shape: Oval
  • Body Length (IN): 12 Inch
  • Overall Length (IN): 36-1/8 Inch
  • Substrate Material: Ceramic Honeycomb
  • Heat Shield: Yes
  • Air Tube: No
  • Estimated Install Time (Hours): 1.5

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModel# DoorsLitersCylindersNotes
1995ChevroletTahoe45.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1995GMCYukon5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC15004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC15005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC15005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC1500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC25004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC25005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC25005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletC2500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; To 8,500lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight
1994-1995ChevroletK15004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletK15005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletK15005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletK1500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletK25004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletK25005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletK25005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995ChevroletK2500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCC15004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCC15005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCC15005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCC1500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCC25005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; To 8,500lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight
1994-1995GMCC25004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCC25005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCC2500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; To 8,500lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight
1994-1995GMCK15004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCK15005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCK15005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCK1500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCK25004.3LV6Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; To 8,500lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight
1994-1995GMCK25005.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; To 8,500lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight
1994-1995GMCK25005.0LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII
1994-1995GMCK2500 Suburban5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; To 8,500lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight
1994ChevroletBlazer5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; with Y-Pipe Converter
1994GMCYukon5.7LV8Certification Level : PRE-OBDII; with Y-Pipe Converter


Pre-OBDII Catalytic Converters

The MagnaFlow 3391256 California pre-OBDII catalytic converters are compliant with CARB and federal/EPA requirements. They are the perfect replacements for stock cats for pre-OBDII Chevrolet Blazers. The converters effectively reduce the emission of poisonous gases to help keep the air cleaner.

Monolythic Honeycomb Design

The cat features a monolithic honeycomb catalyst design. It increases the exhaust flow surface area for maximum conversion even with high exhaust volumes.

Closely Welded Seam

The catalytic converter seam is closely welded to create a strong bond between the catalyst and the wall. It ensures that the catalyst stays intact and does not loosen and shift inside the converter.

Ribbed Body

The MagnaFlow 3391256 California pre-OBDII catalytic converter has a ribbed heat shield that provides a rigid wall for heat protection. It creates a stable structure to contain the hottest exhaust fumes without getting out of shape.

Easy to Install

It is easy to install without any or welding. The package includes clamps and instructions to help you go about it easily and quickly.

Stainless Steel Construction

The converter is made with premium-grade stainless steel that won't rust, oxidize or corrode on your Chevrolet Blazer. It stays firm for years and takes all the heat to maintain its hold.

5-Year/50,000 Mile Limited Warranty

The manufacturer provides a 5-year or 50,000-mile limited warranty for every purchase of the MagnaFlow 3391256 California pre-OBDII catalytic converter. This is a guarantee of quality and performance beyond the ordinary. If you need help with your warranty or you would like further information, feel free to reach out to PartCatalog.

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