Radiator Support Assembly Replacements

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Fix your damaged radiator support

Your car’s radiator is an essential component that you cannot drive very far without. Oftentimes, especially with more rugged terrain vehicles and 4x4s, radiator supports break down and need to be replaced.

Replace your damaged radiator support at a fraction of the cost with Part Catalog’s selection of direct replacement products (BM1225128). You’ll avoid dealer prices while remaining assured that the quality you receive meets or exceeds OE specifications.

Note: To prevent shipping damage, this radiator support may ship via truck freight. Please provide a valid phone number during checkout so that - if needed - the freight company can contact you to arrange a delivery appointment.


We strongly recommend professional installation to ensure optimal and secure fitment. Please note that installation instructions and hardware are not supplied with this product, and you will need original installation hardware for proper mounting.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty Collision Products


Your part is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the part is installed. The Limited Lifetime warranty includes perforation (metal rust-through) due to corrosion in normal use. In the event of a failure the manufacturer will repair or refund the purchase price at the manufacturer's option. To make a claim, you must provide proof of purchase to your place of purchase, or the business which installed the part, and a new part will be provided without charge. Reimbursement of installation labor, if incurred as a result of the failure of the part, must be pre-approved by the manufacturer.


This warranty does not include any costs involved in installation (without pre-approval) nor does it cover failure or perforation resulting from accident, damage, abuse or improper installation. This warranty does not apply to commercial vehicles. *Chrome plated aluminum wheels have a one year warranty.


Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

The following part numbers are available in this product line:
BM1225111 NI1225180 TO1225252 HY1225160 CH1225209 FO1225159 FO1225160 CH1225182 FO1225164 VO1225106 BM1225123 CH1225169 CH1225168 GM1225226 VO1225107 HO1225133 TO1225241 CH1225164 CH1225165 GM1225271 CH1225179 SU1225134 SU1225138 TO1218101 TO1225151 CH1225172 SU1225115 HY1225145 NI1225181 FO1225178 HY1225153 CH1225141 CH1225198 FO1225163 FO1225166 GM1225274 HY1225125 TO1225134 FO1225197 SZ1225148 FO1225154 SU1225133 SU1225137 CH1225166 CH1225167 NI1225170 NI1225168 NI1225190 GM1225270 NI1225169 CH1225216 CH1225162 NI1225178 NI1225177 GM1225269 GM1225163 GM1225162 TO1225286 TO1225270 TO1225294 HY1225140 CH1225173 MB1225118 MB1225117 GM1225273 GM1225224 CH1225149 CH1225208 GM1225208 GM1225210 GM1225219 GM1225229 GM1225247 SU1225116 SU1225123 SU1225132 SZ1225138 HY1225138 GM1225256 HY1225144 SU1225110 TO1225118 CH1225176 CH1225202 FO1225170 FO1225195 GM1225114 GM1225250 HY1225122 SU1225117 TO1225129 TO1225219 GM1225249 MC1225106 SU1225121 GM1225246 GM1225169 TO1225213 GM1225181 GM1225109 GM1225108 GM1225107 GM1225216 GM1225207 TO1225289 GM1225206 GM1225217 BM1225127 MA1225102 FO1225124 GM1225254 FO1225187 TO1225287 FO1225204 HU1225100 CH1225185 AC1225121 HO1225144 TO1225212 MA1225122 AU1225121 VW1225119 GM1225171 GM1225222 GM1225252 FO1225120 AC1225103 AU1225120 HY1225150 FO1225201 VW1225128 GM1225196 TO1225171 TO1225207 NI1225157 AC1225112 AU1225123 FO1225200 VW1225118 KI1225115 FO1225192 HO1225107 TO1225132 FO1225144 GM1225253 TO1225272 GM1225267 TO1225279 GM1225128 TO1225157 CH1225190 NI1225184 HO1225104 AC1225125 MC1225101 MC1225103 FO1225174 MI1225113 TO1225262 HO1225138 CH1225181 FO1225121 GM1225279 GM1225198 CH1225124 HY1225141 MI1225144 MI1225143 TO1218100 HO1225127 FO1225161 VW1225132 TO1225288 VW1225129 HO1225115 CH1225210 HO1225152 HY1225142 FO1224104 AC1225127 FO1228104 TO1225190 HY1225123 HY1225146 TO1225230 IN1225104 TO1225274 GM1225213 FO1225110 FO1225122 FO1225202 GM1225145 GM1225266 HO1225157 TO1225160 TO1225234 TO1225285 TO1225265 GM1225245 MC1225102 MI1225112 TO1225235 GM1225268 HY1225152 KI1225114 HO1225154 IN1225107 AU1225115 GM1225110 HY1225149 NI1225167 FO1225133 KI1225107 TO1225227 TO1225244 HY1225159 AC1225122 MA1225135 TO1225233 TO1225239 TO1225276 HO1225156 IZ1225101 TO1225259 TO1225222 TO1225229 MA1225136 HO1225112 VW1225113 HO1225117 VW1225120 VW1225116 SZ1225150 SZ1225151 VW1225122 HY1225134 MI1225117 MA1225101 MI1225133 VW1225135 FO1225141 CH1225218 HY1225156 NI1225186 FO1225173 MA1225132 VW1225134 MA1225128 NI1225185 GM1225280
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