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What is a side body part?

A side body part is a replacement part that fits onto the side of a vehicle, usually near the wheel well. It helps protect the car from debris, while also providing extra structural support.

How do I know if my side body part is faulty?

If you notice any cracks or rust on your side body part, you should have it inspected by a professional. Additionally, if your car is shaking or vibrating more than usual when driving, this could also indicate that your side body part is faulty.

Can a faulty side body part cause damage?

Yes, a faulty side body part can cause damage to other parts of the vehicle, such as the suspension, wheels, and tires.

How do I replace a side body part?

1) Raise the car on a jack, and secure it with jack stands.
2) Remove the old side body part with a wrench, and clean the area.
3) Apply a layer of anti-rust coating to the area and the new part.
4) Place the new part in the area and bolt it down.
5) Check that the bolts are tightened properly.
6) Lower the car and test drive it.

How often should I inspect my side body part?

It is recommended to inspect your side body part at least once a year, or every time you rotate your tires. Regular inspection and maintenance can help ensure that your side body part is in optimal condition and reduce the chance of any damage.