Snap Tonneau Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

How are snap tonneau covers affected by cold weather?

Snap tonneau covers are usually made of vinyl, which contracts in cold weather. This makes snap tonneau covers difficult to close in freezing temperatures.

Some snap tonneau cover models, such as the Extang BlackMax, have solved the “hard time closing in cold climate” problem. The snaps on the BlackMax slide freely along the frame of the cover, allowing you to easily adjust to the cover contracting from cold weather.

What are the security concerns with getting a snap tonneau cover as opposed to any other kind of tonneau cover?

Any tonneau cover is a deterrent to thieves. Crimes are usually initiated by opportunity, and if your truck bed is covered, it will prevent many would-be thieves from even thinking of snatching your cargo.

Of course, some thieves are more brazen than other. Any soft cover tonneau cover is more vulnerable than a hard cover tonneau cover. Someone can take a simple razor or box cutter and cut right through the vinyl or cloth that makes up a soft tonneau cover. Snap tonneau covers are not only soft, but they there is no locking mechanism so they can be opened by anyone, making them the least secure of all tonneau covers.

How do I install a snap tonneau cover?

As is the case with most modern tonneau covers, installation is fast and simple. All you need is an allen wrench. Attach the frame of the tonneau cover to the rails of your truck by tightening the provided clamps with your allen wrench and then slide in the crossbows. Snap on the vinyl cover and you’re done. This shouldn’t take more than a half hour.

How easy is it to open a snap tonneau cover?

It’s not as easy as opening a folding tonneau cover, but it’s not that hard either. You have to go around your bed and undo every snap and then roll it up. The material is a little flimsier than a folding tonneau cover, so it’s also a little more of an awkward process to roll up all the way. It doesn’t open as fast as a rolling or folding tonneau cover, but it’s still easy and takes only a minute or so.

What is something a snap tonneau cover can do that other tonneau covers can’t?

It’s true: there are benefits other than the low price. A snap tonneau cover allows the easiest access to the end of your truck closest to the cab, because you can just peel back the one corner you need open and reach in to grab anything you need. A rolling tonneau cover would have to be opened all the way to access this section of your truck, and a folding tonneau cover doesn’t allow easy access to this section at all.