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What is a brake switch?

A brake switch is a device that detects when the brake pedal is depressed and sends a signal to the brake lights to turn on.

What is the purpose of a brake switch?

The purpose of a brake switch is to alert other drivers when the brakes are being applied.

How can I tell if my brake switch is faulty?

If the brake lights do not turn on when the brakes are applied, or they stay on when the brakes are not being applied, then the brake switch may be faulty.

Can a faulty brake switch cause damage?

Yes, a faulty brake switch can cause damage if the brake lights are not functioning properly, leading to potential rear-end collisions.

How do I replace a brake switch?

1) Disconnect the old switch by removing the two mounting screws.
2) Disconnect the wiring harness by unplugging the connector.
3) Install the new switch by mounting it in place and plugging in the wiring harness.
4) Test the switch by turning on the ignition and pressing the brake pedal.

How often should I inspect my brake switch?

The brake switch should be inspected at least once a year to ensure it is functioning properly.