Westin Fey DiamondStep Bumpers

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  • Replacement rear bumper
  • Diamond tread step
  • Three integrated ball holes
  • Cold rolled steel construction
  • Custom-fit design
  • OEM design
  • Available in three finishes
  • Manufacturer's warranty

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  • High quality rear bumper allows easy access to the truck bed
  • Classic diamond tread step provides traction for a better grip
  • Allows easy attachment of safety chains and towing accessories
  • Constructed with strong stainless steel for durability
  • Designed for a custom fit on your vehicle model
  • Designed to match OEM specifications for a smooth look
  • Choose from silver, black powder coat and chrome finishes
  • Manufacturer's guarantee of quality and performance

Replacement rear bumper

The Westin Fey DiamondStep Bumpers not only provide excellent protection to your vehicle's back but also give a strong and firm mounting surface to your truck bed. The bumpers also add a rugged look to your vehicle. They are made strong and firm to last years without losing value.

Diamond tread step

The bumpers have a diamond tread step that offers excellent traction for a firm grip when mounting on and off the vehicle.

Three integrated ball holes

Each bumper has three integrated ball holes that allow easy attachment of safety chains and other towing accessories.

Cold rolled steel construction

The Westin Fey DiamondStep Bumpers are created from cold-rolled steel that is incredibly strong. It is unbendable, unbreakable, and won't weaken or lose value even after years of use.

Custom-fit design

They are designed for a custom fit on specific vehicle models. To find this for your car, click on the blue button above (Find this for your car) and enter your vehicle details.

OEM design

The bumpers are designed to match OEM specifications of quality and performance. They give a smooth and well-blended look.

Available in three finishes

The Westin Fey DiamondStep Bumpers are available in three finishes: silver, black powder coat, and chrome. You get to choose the finish that best matches your vehicle's exterior.

Manufacturer's warranty

Westin Automotive provides a guarantee of quality and performance for every purchase of these bumpers. This is to guarantee that they are in the best shape and that they will perform to expectations with no compromise to value. Get in touch with us today if you need any help with yours.

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The following part numbers are available in this product line:
61000 63000 65000 66000 20009 20008 20002 20000 20105 71000 20107 73000 75000 76000 21000 21105
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Chevrolet (1967-2004)

C10 Pickup, C1500 Pickup, C20 Pickup, C2500 Pickup, C30 Pickup, C3500 Pickup, K10 Pickup, K1500 Pickup, K20 Pickup, K2500 Pickup, K30 Pickup, K3500 Pickup, R10 Pickup, R20 Pickup, R2500 Pickup, R30 Pickup, R3500 Pickup, S10 Pickup, V10 Pickup, V20 Pickup, V30 Pickup, V3500 Pickup

Dodge (1972-2004)

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GMC (1967-2003)

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Isuzu (1988-2000)

Hombre, Pickup

Jeep (1987-1992)


Mazda (1986-2004)

B2000, B2200, B2300, B2500, B2600, B3000, B4000

Mitsubishi (1983-1996)

Mighty Max

Nissan (1980-1997)

720 Pickup, D21 Pickup (Hard Body)

Toyota (1980-1999)

Pickup, Tacoma