Westin HDX Heavy-Duty Grille Guards

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These Westin HDX Heavy-Duty Grille Guards have been specifically designed to protect the front end of your truck from being damaged. Because these Grille Guards are made using only the highest quality materials, you can expect them to fully protect the front of your truck. No longer do you have to worry about the outside elements scratching the front of your truck or even breaking your headlights. These Heavy-Duty Grille Guards will help you keep your truck in the best condition possible.

  • Extremely Durable
  • Superior Front End Protection
  • Punch Plate Center Grille
  • Two Different Finishes
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Warranty Included 

Extremely Strong & Durable

The Grille Guard is made using tubing that's 2" in diameter, which is going to help make the entire Grille Guard extremely strong and durable. This way you can feel confident that you're truck is not only going to be protected from scratches and dents, this particular Westin Grille Guard is so strong and durable that it can even stand up to a minor fender bender.

Excellent Features

When you choose this Grill Guard to protect the front end of your truck, know that it comes with strong and long-lasting rubber pads, as well as a full punch plate center grille. Many truck owners like the center grille because it not only offers them the best in front end truck protection, it also has a very strong and appealing look to it that adds to the overall appearance of the truck.

Stainless Steel or Black?

This Westin HDX Heavy-Duty Grille Guard is available in two different finishes - polished stainless steel and powder-coated black. Now you're able to choose the option that you feel is going to look best attached to the front end of your truck. The stainless steel version comes with a lifetime warranty and the powder-coated black version comes with a three year warranty.

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The following part numbers are available in this product line:
57-1175 57-1915 57-1955 57-2015 57-2235 57-2275 57-2295 57-2335 57-2365 57-2375 57-2505 57-3545 57-3555 57-2315 57-3615 57-2500 57-1910 57-2290 57-2330 57-2360 57-2370 57-3550 57-3610 57-1950 57-2230 57-2270 57-2310 57-3540 57-2010 57-1170 57-3780 57-3785 57-3790 57-3795 57-3805 57-3830 57-3835
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Dodge (2006-2010)

Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500

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GMC (2007-2017)

Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 3500, Sierra 3500 HD

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Titan XD

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