BedRug Impact Truck Bed Mat

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  • Impact bed liner
  • ¾" thick padded floor
  • Includes tailgate gap guard and hitch cover
  • Rugged anti-skid surface
  • Designed for exterior use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

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    • Offers durable bed and cargo protection as well as good looks
    • Tough 100% Polypropylene blended with heavy-duty TPO
    • Tailgate gap guard covers the gap between your truck bed and the tailgate
    • Noise and heat insulation with the ¾ inch thick padding
    • Rugged anti-skid surface prevents cargo from moving around
    • Closed cell construction makes the mat waterproof
    • Made to resist chemical, stain and UV
    • Cleaning with just water and no special detergents
    • Guaranteed to be free from defects by a limited lifetime warranty,
    • Made in the USA with authentic and top quality material

    Impact bed liner

    BedRug Impact Truck Bed Mat is different from any other. It displays the aesthetic values of a spray-on but without the negatives. The mat is a blend of both TPO Composite material and Polypropylene and this makes it super tough and water-resistant. With this combination, the mat has just the right thickness to offer impact protection and noise insulation.

    100% Polypropylene blended with heavy-duty TPO

    The plush, carpet-like look of this mat may feel comfortable and soft but at the same time, it is very tough, enough to withstand the road hazards. It is made with 100% Polypropylene which has been blended with heavy-duty TPO on the top surface. This combination is durable yet soft to touch and easy on the knees.

    Includes tailgate gap guard and hitch cover

    No amount of water or dust will find its way into the truck bed. This is all thanks to the tailgate gap guard and hitch cover that tightly covers the gap between the tailgate and truck bed, and so blocking out everything.

    Noise and heat insulation

    BedRug Impact Truck Bed Mat is not only made to provide truck bed protection, but it is also designed with thick padding to offer noise and heat insulation. This padding also offers enough cushioning to keep your fragile cargo safe when you are on the move.

    Cargo does not skid

    Without this bed mat, or with a spray-on, you can get worried about whether or not your cargo will move around. But this impact bed mat has an anti-skid surface that is rough enough to keep your cargo safely in one place without slipping or skidding.

    Does not absorb water

    The bed mat has a closed-cell construction and this prevents it from absorbing any form of moisture, making it completely waterproof.

    Resist chemical, stain and UV

    Your bed mat will certainly be exposed to the sun, chemicals, and stains but you can rest assured that it will not be affected by any of these elements.

    Easy maintenance

    With the bed mat being resistant to stains and oil, you can be sure that the cleaning process will be effortless. You will simply need to hose off or vacuum clean it to get off the dirt.

    Limited lifetime warranty

    We offer a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty on every purchase you make of BedRug Impact Truck Bed Mat. This is to guarantee that the bed mat is free from defects.

    Made in the USA

    BedRug Impact Truck Bed Mat is proudly made in the USA in an economy building industry. It is manufactured using authentic material and inspected by experts to ensure it is up to standards.

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    This product comes with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
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