Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit Suspension Kit for 2001-2006 BMW M3 | 46-000613

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AMP BedXtender HD Sport for 2001-2006 BMW M3 | 46-000613

Product Specifications:

  • Adjustment Range: Up To 40 Millimeter Front/ Rear Drop
  • Bushing Color: Black
  • Bushing Material: Rubber
  • Coil Spring Quantity: 2 Front/ 2 Rear
  • Includes Brake Lines: No
  • Includes Brake Pads: No
  • Includes Calipers: No
  • Includes Center Link: No
  • Includes Chassis Stiffener: No
  • Includes Control Arms: No
  • Includes End Link Bushings: No
  • Includes K-Member Support Brace: No
  • Includes Leaf Spring Bushings: No
  • Includes Leaf Springs: No
  • Includes Mounting Hardware: No
  • Includes Panhard Bar: No
  • Includes Rotors: No
  • Includes Spindles: No
  • Includes Strut Tower Bar: No
  • Includes Subframe Connectors: No
  • Includes Sway Bar Bushings: No
  • Includes Sway Bars: No
  • Includes Tie Rod End Sleeves: No
  • Includes Tie Rod Ends: No
  • Includes Torque Arm: No
  • Includes Trailing Arm Mount Braces: No
  • Includes Trailing Arms: No
  • Includes Wheel Studs: No
  • Shock/Strut Quantity: 2 Front/ 2 Rear
  • Shock/Strut Type: Gas Pressure Monotube Shocks

Part Fitment List:

Please use our fitment tool above to determine fitment. Additional notes may be required.

BMW M3 (2001-2006)

Lowering BMW M3 suspension kit

Bilstein 46-000613 B12 Pro-Kit is a blend of aesthetics, sporty dynamics, and load-bearing capacity. It reduces fender space to give a more aggressive look and a lower center of gravity for better handling and performance. Featuring Eibach performance springs and Bilstein's famous monotube design, this suspension kit will ensure your rides are always smooth regardless of the road condition. The professional cornering system will also ensure you get better control of your BMW M3.

Sporty look, Smooth rides

Using Eibach performance springs, you can lower your front and rear ride heights between 25mm to 40mm. This helps you create a sporty look as well as get smooth rides.

Fade-free performance

The suspension kit includes shock absorbers with Bilstein's gas pressure monotube design, and this offers consistent fade-free performance under any road condition. This ensures less body roll, better vehicle control, and ultimate comfort.

Virtually indestructible construction

The shock absorbers and other components included in Bilstein 46-000613 B12 Pro-Kit are constructed from a virtually indestructible material, which enables them to survive extreme road conditions and the frequent beating from road elements. The kit can last your BMW M3 almost four times as long as the stock suspension system.

Fine-tuned and road tested

Before being branded by Bilstein, all suspension kits are fine-tuned to their specific tasks for your BMW M3. They undergo numerous tests under different temperatures to ensure they can survive any condition like extreme heat or extreme cold. They are also road-tested individually by experts to affirm that their performance is top-notch and user-experience is on point.

Lifetime warranty

The suspension kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that protects it against any defects in workmanship or material. The warranty is offered to the original purchaser and is active for as long as the original purchaser owns the car they were installed on.

Engineered in Germany

Being German-engineered, Bilstein 46-000613 B12 Pro-Kit boasts a combination of outstanding quality, unmatched technology and years of test tuning, making it an investment well worth your money.

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