Chevrolet Silverado Running Boards

Important: To get started, click the blue "Filter Options" button to select your vehicle and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Will these fit the Silverado Crew Cab?

Yes, we have options for nearly every Silverado on the road, including the Crew Cab, Extended Cab and Regular Cab.

The easiest way to order is to select your vehicle on our product page, and our website will direct you to the correct set of running boards to order. You can also use our search bar to find the perfect set of running boards, including narrowing down your results by size, color and length.

Does the Silverado come with factory running boards stock?

Some do, it just depends on what trim level package your truck has. Step boards are offered as an option, so some trucks are purchased new already with running boards.

If your Silverado truck doesn't have running boards, or you are just looking to replace or change your boards for something else, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

I want the convenience, but I don't want the bars to show on my Silverado. Help!

While pricier than the other options, AMP's electronic running board options are a perfect fit for you. When not in use, the running boards will electronically hide under the truck, helping to keep them from view.

When parked or when needed, the running boards will extrude so that you can use them to get in and out of your truck.

AMP's electronic boards for the Silverado are incredibly convenient, extremely well made, and worth it if you are willing to spend a little extra money on your set.

I have an oversized Silverado with large tires, what works best?

If you have an oversized truck, we'd recommend one of our larger step bars. We have large running boards, as well as oval tube bars that go up to 6" in diameter.

These will give you a large stepping pad, and will add a lot of convenience to your Silverado.

A set of step bars is extremely helpful if you have an oversized or lifted truck. Even if you can get in and out with ease, your future passengers may need the extra boost!

I want a really unique set for my Silverado. What do you have?

We're big fans of the Westin HDX or Lund Terrain HX drop steps. Instead of a normal step bar look, there is a "drop step" integrated into the bar. The drop steps are positioned directly next to each door for convenience.

They are also made of more of a matte black than a gloss black, which makes them look really rugged and unique. If you are looking for a set of step bars to stand out, these 2 are really great options.

My Silverado needs replacement step pads. Do you sell these?

We don't sell Silverado replacement step pads. However, if your set of step bars was purchased from us, please contact us and we will see what we can do to secure you a new set of step pads.

Most manufacturers sell replacement step pads, so reach out to the manufacturer of your step bars and they should be able to help you with a replacement set.