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What's the difference between running boards and step bars?

A running board is wide and flat, just like a board. In most cases, you are able to step on any part of the running board.

A step bar is usually round or oval shaped, with a step in-set into it. For most step bars, the step pad is inset at a specific location next to your doors.

Running boards are more common with SUVs while step bars are more common with trucks. When purchasing a set, it is up to personal preference.

What is the purpose of running boards?

The purpose of a running board is to assist passengers getting in and out of their vehicle. It installs just underneath the car doors, and gives you an extra step. This is especially helpful for larger vehicles and vehicles that have been lifted.

It is also helpful for kids, older adults, and anyone else that typically has trouble getting in and out of the vehicle. It adds extra comfort and safety for these passengers, allowing them to get in and out a little bit easier.

Can I install running boards myself?

Most people are able to install a set of running boards themselves. Every order will come with a set of installation instructions to make it as easy as possible. We always recommend having someone else help you, just as an extra set of hands. The running boards can be long and awkward to hold, so extra hands are always helpful.

If you're not comfortable or unable to install these yourself, you can have it shipped to your local body shop for installation. Most auto body shop will be able to install these for you for a fee.

Will running boards fit any truck?

It depends, but you will need a vehicle-specific mount kit.

We sell some universal and multi-fit running boards. These boards are a set length (for example, 55") and are made for nearly any truck or SUV on the road. With these boards you will need to purchase a separate mounting kit specific to your vehicle. This is because every vehicle has a different set up, mount points, etc. Our product description will state if you need to add a separate mount kit to your order (sold separately).

We also sell custom fit running boards, which are made specifically for your vehicle. With these kits, you do not need to order anything else. Your order will come with the full set of mounting hardware. These are vehicle specific and will only fit a specific set of vehicles.

Do trucks come with running boards?

Trucks sometimes come with running boards already installed. It is usually an option when ordering a new truck, or an included accessory for an upgraded trim package. Most trucks do not come with any running boards, so you will need to purchase some separately.

Typically the aftermarket running boards will be cheaper than the factory running boards. Plus, you'll have more options with colors and styles if you want something different than factory.