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Chevrolet Traverse Running Boards

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Does the Chevrolet Traverse have running boards?

The Chevrolet Traverse does not come with running boards, unless you explicitly ordered them through your dealership as an extra option. The Traverse is a large SUV, so a set of running boards can help make it easier for your passengers to get in and out of your vehicle.

If you have younger children, older adults, or other persons with difficulties regular getting in and out of your vehicle, we recommend added a set of running boards to your Traverse. Running boards will make everyone more comfortable.

Does the Traverse need running boards or step bars?

This is completely up to personal preference. Generally speaking, most people use running boards on SUVs like the Chevy Traverse, while most people use step bars on pickup trucks. However, this is completely up to personal preference. We have both running boards and step bars available for the Chevy Traverse.

Both options will look great and function perfectly. The step bars will have step pads next to each of your doors, making it easier for all passengers.

How fast can I get my Traverse running boards?

All of our Traverse running boards we list are in stock and ready to ship the same business day. If you order after 3pm local time, your order may ship the next day. Most orders are delivered within 2-3 business days.

Our goal is to get your running boards delivered to your doorstep as fast as humanly possible.

Will I need help to install my Chevy Traverse step bars?

Installing your step bars can be a one-person operation, but it will be much easier with an extra set of hands nearby. The reason is that the step bars are really long, and can be a little awkward for one person to position them perfectly for installation. It will go a lot smoother if you have another set of hands helping you to hold the step bars in place while you mount them.

If you're not comfortable installing these on your Traverse, we recommend taking them to your local auto body shop for a professional installation. All orders will include a set of installation instructions to help get you on your way.

Do I need a separate mount kit?

The multi-fit and universal-fit running boards and step bars will require a separate mount kit specific to your Chevy Traverse. On our product page, we will let you know if the boards require you to purchase a separate mount kit.

For the custom fit options, the mount kit will be included with your order.

Our customer service team reviews each order, so we will contact you if we notice that a separate mount kit is required but wasn't ordered.

Do you sell Traverse OE running boards?

The Chevy Traverse doesn't come with factory running boards. However it may be possible that your local dealership sells branded or even aftermarket running boards.

If there is a specific running board style you are looking for, please contact us and we can see if we offer it.