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Chevrolet Tahoe Fender Flares

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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What year Tahoe's are these available for?

These fender flares are available for the 1995-2022 Chevrolet Tahoe. The newer Tahoe's will have more options available for it than the older Tahoe's, though most all options will be the OE style fender flares.

For older Tahoe's, if you only need tire coverage, consider the Husky universal set of flares. These flares come on a pre-packaged roll. You will need to cut the flares down to your desired length, and then install them by drilling or using self tapping screws. These are a cheap and easy way to become road legal. The total cost of the universal flares is around $100 for a full set of 4, including shipping.

Are pocket style fender flares available?

The pocket style fender flares are available for a few Tahoe models, including the 2007-2014 and 1995-1999 Tahoe. It is subject to availability. To see what we have in stock, just select the year of your Chevrolet Tahoe above and our website will show you everything available for your exact Tahoe model.

If you see it available to add to your cart on our website, we have in on the shelf and ready to ship. Most orders are shipped the same day, and delivered to your door within 2-3 business days. Our website inventory stays up to date, and we ship very fast.

Should I paint my Tahoe fender flares?

This is entirely up to personal choice. The unpainted black looks great on all Tahoe models, so painting it isn't necessary.

Color matched fender flares look especially good on Tahoe's, though. Many customers decide to have their flares shipped to an auto paint shop so that they can be color matched to their vehicle. The painted flares look especially good on white or black Tahoe SUVs.

We do not sell any of our flares pre-painted for the Tahoe, but it is easy for any body shop to paint our fender flares. Most body shops will charge anywhere from $300-350 to paint a full set of 4 fender flares.

Will these flares cover rust on my Tahoe?

For the Tahoe especially, if you are trying to cover rust around the wheel well, we would recommend the Bushwacker OE fender flare set. The Tahoe OE flares have a good amount of height on them, so they will cover almost all cases of rust around your wheel wells.

If you do have rust, you may need to drill or use self tapping screws to install it. It depends if the rust has affected the factory mount point locations.

Do you have OE replacement fender flares?

We do have some replacement OE fender flares, so if you are just missing a single factory flare, we may have a replacement option for you. Click here to see the inventory in stock today - just select the year of your Tahoe on the page, and our website will show you what's available.

These OE replacements are a good option if your factory flares were damaged or need to be replaced.