Bushwacker OE Style Fender Flares

  • Provides a look similar to stock trucks
  • Comes with installation instructions
  • Installation hardware included
  • Matte black or easily painted
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Bushwacker OE Style Fender Flares give your truck the factory style look - like it just rolled off the showroom floor - while also giving you extra coverage for larger tires.

  • Bushwacker has been fabricating fender wells for over 4 decades, satisfying over 50,000 customers
  • The included recessed stainless steel bolts are optional
  • OEM black matte finish that can be painted if desired
  • ABS plastic with UV protectant prevents fading
  • Withstands rugged terrain and regular beatings from debris and weather with ease
  • Trusted industry leader manufacturer of fender flares known to last the life of your vehicle

Bushwacker OE Style Fender Flares look like they were molded right onto the truck at the factory. This design was carefully constructed by studying the dimensions from automakers to create an aftermarket product that matches the shape of the bod perfectly. Fender flares add dimension to the exterior design of a truck but also work to protect the tires and fender areas from road debris and harsh weather elements.

Bushwacker is an industry leader in the manufacturing of fender flares. During their time in operation, this manufacturer has created an exclusive material mixture that is only used by Bushwacker. The formula used to make the flares is done so to promote durability, perform above standards and maintain its original look for years.

Slim, Factory Direct Design

The slim design of Bushwacker OE style fender flares maintains the factory width dimensions of your truck. The design also helps with the aerodynamics of the vehicle as it cuts through wind. The tires are just covered enough that the flares do their job to prevent them from puncture and other damage from road or terrain debris.

The flares extend down the back of the wheel wells. This helps keep debris from sticking between tire treads.  It also helps reflect small rocks back onto the roadway or away from the truck. In front of the tire, the flare extends down to the bottom of the taillight assembly. The complete extension of the flare is part of what makes it look like it came from the factory with the fender flares already in place.

Durable Integrity

Even when trucks are put to the ultimate tests on off-road terrain, the integrity of Buckmaster fender flares is not compromised. They are designed to take a beating and still perform. This layer of protection for your tires, wheel wells and fenders proves its strength every time you put your truck on the road.

These fender flares are designed to last the test of time, which often exceeds the life of your truck. After 10 years of being installed on the truck, the flares will still look new and perform just the same as they did on day 1.

Expert Craftsmanship

The special process used by Bushwacker to develop these high-quality fender flares takes time to learn. The technicians are trained on each process to master it. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction ride on maintaining the tried and true process developed by Bushwacker.

The craftsmen behind making the road flares use carefully blueprinted dimensions to make each flare. This ensures that the flares match automaker specifications to fit perfectly onto the designated vehicle.

Adds Eye-Appeal

Choosing to leave the OEM black matte finish as-is adds eye appeal to the design of your truck. It brings a sense of toughness and rigidity to the design. The black finish also breaks up the monotony of a single color paint job. The offset design provides better protection for your vehicle.

Consider using the recessed stainless steel bolts. These bring another level of masculinity to the design. They stand out and do not rust, even when exposed to road salt, road calcium treatments and rain. You can paint the bolts too. Each piece of the bolt would have to be painted separately and allowed to dry while unassembled to prevent fusion of the pieces.

No Cracking or Warping

The strength of the Dura-Flex 2000 TPO material makes it nearly impossible to crack Bushwacker OE Style fender flares. It also makes the flares maintain their integrity to be warp free when exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Over time, and with regular exposure to chemicals, toxins, wet weather and seasonal changes, the strength of the flares will not change. Chemical exposure will not thin the construction of the flares. The manufacturing process is designed to allow the flares to remain flexible for installation and performance purposes without compromising strength.

UV Resistant

When mixing the material to make Bushwacker fender flares, a UV protectant is added to the ABS plastic. The inclusion of the UV protectant helps prevent fading and chalking from occurring. UV rays are known for making plastics fade with regular exposure to direct sunlight.

The strength of this UV protectant allows you to keep your vehicle parked outside at all times and the fender flares will still look brand new. The color will not fade, even where the sun is the most dangerous in intensity.

Easy Self-Installation

The installation process for the Bushwacker OE Style Fender Flares is very simple. It takes a minimal amount of time to complete installation. A few common hand tools are required.  During the manufacturing process, Bushwacker makes sure that the holes made for installation match exactly to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. This extra step is what makes the no drilling necessary installation possible.

The kit sent out to customers includes recessed stainless steel bolts which are optional during installation. These are mainly for eye-appeal. No drilling is required for installation. Also in the kit is a seal to ensure a tight, secure fit. A detailed step-by-step instruction manual will help you through the process. The instructions include images for visual directions and examples for a successful installation.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Bushwacker offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of its manufactured Bushwacker OE Style fender flares. This warranty is offered in lieu of any additional or implied warranties. The warranty is in place in the event that a product is defective due to manufacturer error or material malfunction. Normal wear and tear is not recognized as a part of the warranty. Only when the fender flares are used under normal and expected conditions is the warranty valid.

Bushwacker Styles - Comparison Table

Boss Pocket Style An extra aggressive, tough, bolted look
Cut-Out Style Bolted look for aggressive tires
Extend-A-Fender Style Extra wide tire coverage
Flat Style Made for Jeeps, provides extensive coverage
OE Style Provides a look similar to stock trucks
Pocket Style A tough, bolted look
Street Style Stylish, focuses on street-worthy looks

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