Factory Painted Fender Flares - Frequently Asked Questions

How I specify what color to paint my fender flares to match my truck?

When selecting your set of fender flares on the product page, simply select the paint color of your truck in the drop-down box. This option is only available for the TrueEdge line of fender flares.

If you don't see your color code, select the "Painted Custom: E-Mail Us Your Color" option. Once your order is reviewed, we'll get in contact to determine your color choice.

I have a two-tone truck. Which color can I choose?

You can choose any factory painted color for your flares. Two-tone colors are most common with Dodge Ram or Ford trucks and most customers prefer the fender flares to be painted the bottom color. See here for some examples.

As long as we have a factory color code to go by, we can paint the flares any color you choose!

How can I be sure of a paint match?

The paint is computer matched to your color code. This is why we require the "code" and not just the name of the color.

If your truck has sat out in the sun for long periods of time, your fender flares may appear to be brighter than your truck. This is rarely a problem, but there can be a variance if your truck has experienced paint fading due to the sun. Fender flares are painted "fresh" and we cannot account for this variance.

We have a very high success rate on getting the paint to match. If there's a noticeable variance, we'll have the flares repainted to match.

See here for information on how to find your color code.

Why should I buy pre-painted fender flares instead of any other kind of fender flares?

As you may have guessed, pre-painted fender flares don’t perform any better or worse than unpainted fender flares.

So the only reason to get these particular fender flares is style. Of course, pre-painted fender flares do not hold a monopoly on style. You very well may like the two tone effect created by using matte black factory flares. But if you would rather match, then pre-painted fender flares are the right choice for you. There is also more customization available for pre-painted fender flares. They can be any color you wish, not just the color your truck is already.

Previously you would have to send your new fender flares off to a painter if you wanted them painted to match the body of your truck. Now you can cut out the middleman and have your fender flares already painted on delivery. This saves you both time and money.

How much do pre-painted fender flares cost?

The fee for factory painted flares is roughly $300 which is on the low end of what you should expect to pay a local body shop. Pre-painted fender flares start at $534 for TrueEdge Sport Style Fender Flares and go up to $624+ for the TrueEdge Pocket/Bolt Style Fender Flares. Both these models are also available unpainted in their default matte black color.