GMC Sierra Running Boards

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What's the best running board for a Sierra?

For a normal sized Sierra 1500, we recommend going with a standard 3" tube. The 3" tube is the perfect size for everyday drivers. It gives your truck extra foot hold, without making your truck looking too bulky or out of place.

If you need a slightly larger foothold, a 4" oval tube is good option. Going above 4" is better reserved for larger or oversized trucks, as those bars will make your truck look extra bulky.

Do you have a mount kit for the Sierra 3500?

We sell mount kits for the multi-fit and universal step bars on our website. The mount kit is only required with the multi-fit and universal step bars. The reason is because these bars are made for a wide variety of trucks, not just the Sierra. Each truck needs a different mount kit, so a vehicle-specific mount kit needs to be purchased.

For our custom-fit step bars, the mount kit comes with your order and does not need to be purchased separately.

Our product pages will indicate if your step bars need a separate mount kit for your Sierra.

Do you sell OEM Sierra running boards?

We do not sell factory running boards, but we sell a few styles that are similar to the factory running boards and step bars. In fact, some of the brands that we sell are official OE manufacturers, and also produce some of the OE boards as well.

Aftermarket boards will usually be cheaper than OEM boards, because it will not come with the "GMC" licensing & markup. You'll usually get more bang for the buck when you go with OEM, with the quality being just as good.

How much does it cost to put running boards on a Sierra?

For most people, the only cost you will have is the product itself. Most people are able to install the running boards themselves. You may need a second set of hangs to help hold the boards while you install them.

If you are not comfortable installing the Sierra boards yourself, we'd recommend getting them professionally installed by an auto body shop.

Will the Sierra look better with running boards?

That is entirely up to personal preference! We sell a wide rang of styles from rugged oversized boards to sleek & hidden boards.

Our recommendation is going with a set of 3" step bars, which are offered in either stainless steel or black. These step bars look really good on the Sierra - they don't protrude too much, but still give you plenty of foothold for convenience.

Do you have any Sierra power running boards?

Yes, take a look at the AMP PowerStep running boards. These GMC Sierra power boards protrude only when you need them, and extract when you don't. This allows the boards to stay quietly out of sight, and also allowing you to clear more terrain (such as larger rocks).

The AMP PowerStep is a great choice if you want the convenience of step bars but want any protruding bars.