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Honda Element Floor Mats & Liners

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The Honda Element has more off road capability than you might think… especially those in the all-wheel format. It’s also got enough storage capacity to rival many trucks, with a tall roof and back seats that fold up.

With its off-road and storage capabilities, the Honda Element can do more than just cruise around town. Give it try; take it off road. When you’re done, you should be left with a dirty Element, inside and out. The out is easy enough to wash off, but cleaning the inside can be a problem. Stock floor mats don’t offer the best protection. They have some gaps that allow loose dirt and spills to get to the floor of your Honda. These messes are hardtop scrub out, and they may even set permanent stains. Custom-fit floor mats are made specifically for your make and model. They are laser-measured to fit perfects, leaving no gaps for dirt and spills to take advantage of.

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