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Nissan Titan Running Boards

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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Which pair should I choose for my Nissan Titan?

It really comes down to personal preference! The first question to ask is if you want running boards or step bars on your Nissan Titan.

Most truck owners choose step bars, but some do like the style of running boards better. Running boards are usually used with SUVs, but are also available for the Nissan Titan.

Once you've decided, then you'll need to decide:

1) What color - silver or black? Most people choose silver, but black can give you a nice, custom look
2) How big? Step bars come standard in a 3" tube but are available in sizes up to 6"

Do the Titan running boards come with both sides included?

Yes, every order of running boards or step bars come with both sides included.

If you are ordering a multi-fit or universal-fit step bar, you will need to order a separate mount kit made specifically for your Nissan Titan. Our product description will indicate if a separate mount kit is required for your Titan, and where to find it.

The custom-fit step bars will have everything you need for installation, including: both driver and passenger side step bars, mount kit and installation instructions.

How much does it cost to install Titan step bars?

For most people, the cost is only a couple of hours of time. Most people install the step bars themselves using the included installation instructions. If you are not comfortable installing your step bars yourself, or otherwise unable to, we recommend arranging for a local auto body shop to install them for you. The fees for this service ranges, so we recommend getting a few quotes and picking the best one.

If you are doing a self-install, we do recommend asking a friend or family member to help you. While the process is straightforward, the step bars are really long and can be difficult for one person to position properly. An extra set of hands will speed up the process quite a bit.

Are Nissan Titan running boards worth it?

Yes, Nissan Titan running boards are worth it. Whether you have a Regular, Extended or Crew Cab, a set of running boards or step bars will make it much more comfortable for your passengers to get in and out of your truck. This is especially helpful for the people that need a little extra boost.

A set of running boards or step bars is one of the most functional upgrades you can give your Titan - your passengers will thank you!

Will my first gen boards fit my second gen Titan?

Most likely not. Each truck on the road, including the first and second generation Titan, have different mounting mechanisms. If you have a set of multi-fit or universal fit boards, you'll just need a new hardware kit. If you have a custom fit board, you'll need a new set of boards and mount kit.

If you're unsure what you have, you can contact us at any time and we'll be happy to see if we can help.