Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electronic Tonneau Cover

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  • Electronic tonneau cover
  • Textured black aluminum panels
  • Locks at any point along the rails
  • Flush-mount design
  • Clamp-in installation
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

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  • Opens and closes with a touch of a button to offer unbreakable security to your cargo
  • Strong textured black aluminum panels that offer support and sturdiness to the cover
  • Seals tightly to keep the cover locked and the elements out
  • Cover is designed to fit perfectly on your truck bed
  • Allows manual operation if necessary, switches are sold separately
  • Locks at any point along the rails to allow hauling of large cargo
  • Mounts flush on the truck bed to create a sleek and streamlined look
  • Fast, easy and drill-free installation on most applications
  • Drainage tubes channel out any water that finds its way into the truck bed
  • 3-year limited warranty offers an assurance of quality and defects-free performance
  • Made in the USA by experts using top grade material for the best performance and durability

Electronic tonneau cover

Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electronic Tonneau is designed to open and close at a simple touch of a button, to offer unbreakable security to your cargo. The tonneau is electronic and uses a remote switch, but you can also get an optional manual switch. It is weather-tight and will keep all the elements out, and its low profile design will ensure there is zero to minimal wind drag for better fuel economy.

Textured black aluminum panels

The tonneau features textured black aluminum panels that are very tough and will offer support and sturdiness to the cover. These aluminum panels also help in securig the cover.

Tight seal, weather hinge

The patented silicon weather hinge interlocks with the aluminum panels to create a tight seal that hardly allows in any dust or water. The seal also ensures the cover is secure all the time and there is no unwanted access to your cargo.


Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electronic Tonneau is specifically designed for your vehicle. Simply state the make, model, and year and you will get a perfect fit for your truck. The tonneau is also usable with most 5th wheel trailer hitches.

Optional manual switches sold separately

The tonneau primarily uses remote operation. But, you can always purchase the optional manual switch that is sold seperately, to have manual operation if necessary.

Hauling flexibility

This tonneau cover is designed to lock at any point along the truck bed rails. This will improve your hauling flexibility, allowing you to haul in even the large cargo.

Flush-mount design

Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electronic Tonneau comes in a low profile, flush-mount design that will create a sleek and streamlined look to enhance your whole exterior style. The flush-mount design also allows for easy cleaning.

Clamp-in installation

Installing the tonneau is a walk in the park. It comes with clamps that are easy to mount and do not require any drilling for most applications.

Drainage tubes

This tonneau cover has a seal that makes it weather tight. But, in case any water sips through the seal, it will not make its way through to the truck bed because the drainage tubes will channel it all out, keeping your truck bed dry all through.

3-year limited warranty

Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electronic Tonneau is backed by a 3-year limited warranty. This warranty is usable by the original purchaser of the product, and it is an assurance of quality and a defects-free performance.

Made in the USA

Pace Edwards proudly manufactures this tonneau in the USA. It employs the best experts in the industry, who use top-grade material and cutting-edge technology to ensure you get the best performance with the longest durability.

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Your new tonneau cover comes with the manufacturer’s 3 year limited warranty.
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
BET5379 BET5274 BET5173 BET18A32 BET1890 BET1804 BET1748 BET1714 BET0613 BEN6894 BEN6793 BEN6690 BEN6591 BEN1137 BEN1112 BEN1013 BEN1001 BEM1008 BEI0646 BEI0608 BEI0601 BEI0101 BEFA07A30 BEFA06A29 BEFA05A28 BEF7084 BEF6985 BEF3042 BEF2903 BEF2843 BEF1507 BEF1410 BEF1310 BEF1290 BEF1109 BEF1008 BEF0908 BEF04A32 BEF0404 BEF0303 BED7936 BED7833 BED77A01 BED2336 BED2233 BED0890 BED0777 BED0629 BED0606 BEC9636 BEC95A17 BEC8569 BEC5670 BEC5569 BEC5468 BEC3250 BEC2576 BEC1329 BEC12A32 BEC1204 BEC0646 BEC0404 BEC0303 BEC0101 BLTA10A38 BLTA09A37 BLT7475 BLT5379 BLT5274 BLT5173 BLT3554 BLT18A32 BLT1890 BLT1804 BLT1748 BLT1714 BLT0613 BLN6894 BLN6793 BLN6690 BLN6591 BLN5780 BLN3857 BLN1137 BLN1112 BLN1013 BLN1001 BLMI3958 BLM1109 BLM1008 BLI0646 BLI0608 BLI0601 BLI0101 BLH6082 BLFA07A30 BLFA06A29 BLFA05A28 BLF7084 BLF6985 BLF3042 BLF2903 BLF2843 BLF1507 BLF1410 BLF1310 BLF1290 BLF1109 BLF1008 BLF0908 BLF04A32 BLF0404 BLF0303 BLD87A08 BLD82A02 BLD7936 BLD7833 BLD77A01 BLD2336 BLD2233 BLD0890 BLD0777 BLD0629 BLD0606 BLCA04A26 BLCA03A25 BLC9636 BLC95A17 BLC8569 BLC5670 BLC5569 BLC5468 BLC3250 BLC2576 BLC1329 BLC12A32 BLC1204 BLC0646 BLC0404 BLC0303 BLC0101
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