TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover

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  • Rolls-up for quick & easy operation
  • Access full truck bed
  • Adjustable tension control - no tools needed
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

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This TruXedo Edge Tonneau cover has not only been designed to fully protect the items you keep in your truck bed, it's also been designed with aerodynamics in mind. This means that this TruXedo Edge Tonneau truck bed cover can save you money when it comes to filling up your gas tank. And because it's also been designed so that it fits your particular type of truck perfectly, this premium truck bed cover will look like it's custom made.

  • Best quality materials are used
  • Professional design for a perfect fit
  • Stylish design adds value
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to open and close
  • Covered by Truxedo's 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Best Quality

You can expect only the best in quality when ordering this TruXedo Edge truck bed cover. This cover was made using a strong vinyl fabric that's been specifically treated in order to resist the sun's harmful UV rays, as well as protect your truck bed from potentially harmful outside elements. And the tailgate design that’s included in this particular truck bed cover makes it even more durable while providing a smart and sleek overall appearance.

Sleek & Stylish

Because this Tonneau cover is made using an aerodynamic design you're not only going to save on the cost of fuel, your also improving the overall look of your truck. This means that you're not only getting the convenience of a truck bed cover, you're also adding value to your truck because the cover looks as though it's custom made, increasing its overall worth.

Convenient Installation

This TruXedo Edge Tonneau cover is mounted to the inside rail of your truck bed and requires absolutely no drilling. The entire installation process should take between 1/2 hour and 1 hour.

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Edge®: 5 Year Warranty

TruXedo, Inc. warrants that all new, unused products are free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is effective if the product is properly installed and used for the purpose intended for the life of the product. It applies to the original buyer only. TruXedo, Inc.’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing, or at its option, replacing any part that is returned, transportation prepaid, to TruXedo, Inc., Yankton, South Dakota, if the product is, in our judgment, defective. All materials must be accompanied by an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number requested by and authorized in advance of returning the materials. TruXedo, Inc. shall not be liable or responsible to supply or pay labor to replace any part found defective, nor shall it be liable for any damages of any kind or nature to person, product, or property.

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845901, 846901, 848901, 846601, 848101, 844101, 844601, 850801, 860801, 890101, 862301, 862101, 897601, 898101, 898601, 877601, 878101, 878601, 858101, 858601, 869101, 869601, 859101, 859601, 847101, 850101, 850601, 871801, 872001, 871101, 872201, 871601, 870601, 871501, 880601, 881101, 881601, 841101, 841601, 839801, 843301, 839601, 847601, 843101, 843601, 815001, 897101, 888601, 807701, 808801, 892301, 884101, 892101, 883601, 891101, 863701, 845701, 846701, 845101, 868101, 846101, 849801, 853301, 897701, 898301, 898701
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