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Releases easily with latching system Gasket at front of bed provides weather protection Tension adjustor for all climates Comes with a 3 year limited warranty

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  • Flexible soft roll-up tonneau cover that fits perfectly and looks great
  • Low 1/2" profile over truck bed for a smooth and classy appeal
  • Automatic trigger latch opens easily and locks reliably
  • Extra security slide locks on both sides of the truck bed
  • Secure and easy-to-operate hook and loop locking system
  • Fine-tuning tension adjusters that are easy to grip and turn
  • Water-tight seal on all four sides of the truck bed
  • Strong and firm storage straps to secure the cover when rolled up
  • Tight-grip clamps for easy and quick no-drill installation
  • Full truck bed access when open to haul large cargo
  • Saves on gas mileage by reducing aerodynamic drag on the truck
  • Made in the USA with high grade materials for durability and authenticity
Flexible soft roll-up tonneau cover

Flexible soft roll-up tonneau cover

The Access Vanish Tonneau cover is flexible, easy to use and when matched well with the right model, will fit like a glove. It also looks great. You get to enjoy our fast shipping service and quick installation (usually takes up to ten minutes.)

Low profile tonneau cover

Low profile tonneau cover

This Access cover is particularly designed for a low profile. It rises half an inch over the truck bed and lives fully to its name; it virtually vanishes and can barely be seen from any angle. This gives it a smooth contoured look and a classy appeal.

Automatic trigger latch

Automatic trigger latch

The cover's Autolatch Dual locking system is perfect for secure, reliable and quick release. You only need to pull one latch on either side and it opens automatically. It also clicks closed by itself when the cover is pulled over the truck bed. It is very reliable and adds protection to your cargo in the truck bed.

Extra security slide locks

Extra security slide locks

As an extra security feature, the Access Vanish Tonneau cover comes with patented slide locks on each side. Push to lock and pull to open - its that easy to work with!

Hook and loop locking system

Hook and loop locking system

The velcro hook and loop locking system is secure and will firmly hold the cover over the truck bed. It is quite secure and reliable. It is also easy to use and can easily be operated by one person.

Fine-tuning tension adjusters

Fine-tuning tension adjusters

The cover also comes with two tension adjusters that are easy to tune. You can rotate them clockwise and anticlockwise to tighten and loosen the cover respectively. They are easy to use and help your cover adjust to the prevailing temperatures.

Water-tight seal on the truck bed

Water-tight seal on the truck bed

The truck bed is surrounded by a watertight seal on all four sides that prevents the entry of water and other weather elements. This protects the cargo in the bed from damage.

Strong and firm storage straps

Strong and firm storage straps

There is also a pair of strong nylon straps that secure the cover when it is rolled up. They prevent it from beating against the crew cab which could damage it and lower its value and appeal.

Tight-grip clamps

Tight-grip clamps

The Access Vanish tonneau cover is installed using clamps that lock tightly to hold it firmly over the truck bed. These are easy to install and do not require any drilling or additional purchases.

Full truck bed access

Full truck bed access

The Access Vanish tonneau cover allows you to access 100% of the truck bed. You only need to fold it up completely and you can easily haul any large items in the bed.

Saves on gas mileage

Saves on gas mileage

When closed, the cover reduces the effect of wind drag on the truck. This helps you to save up to 10% on fuel costs in the long run.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

This Access cover is made in the USA with expert craftsmanship and with advanced rip-stop technology. It is durable, authentic and will add value to your vehicle even years after purchase.

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91019Z, 91029, 91099, 91099Z, 91119, 91139, 91219, 91219Z, 91229, 91269, 91279, 91289, 91309, 91329, 91339, 91349Z, 91369, 91379, 91389Z, 91399, 91409, 91419, 91429, 92019, 92019Z, 92029, 92119, 92119Z, 92129, 92139, 92149, 92159, 92179, 92189, 92189Z, 92209, 92229, 92249, 92269, 92289, 92299, 92309, 92319, 92329, 92339, 92349, 92359, 92369, 92379, 92389, 92409, 92409Z, 92419, 92429, 92459, 93129, 93149, 93159, 93169, 93189, 93199, 93199Z, 93209, 93219, 93229, 93239, 93239Z, 94079, 94089, 94089Z, 94109Z, 94129, 94129Z, 94139, 94149, 94159, 94169, 94179, 94189, 94189Z, 94239, 94249, 94269, 94269Z, 94279, 95089, 95119, 95119Z, 95169, 95179, 95189, 95209, 95219, 95229Z, 95239, 95249, 95259, 95259Z, 95269, 95279

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