Audi A3 Floor Mats

Below are our best selling floor mats & liners for your Audi A3. All of these options come with our highest recommendations and full manufacturer's warranty.

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Best Selling Weather Protection

Here are the best selling all-weather floor mat options for your Audi A3. These mats provide the best protection you can get if you live in a messy environment - rain, snow, mud, sand etc.

Popular WeatherTech Sets

WeatherTech is the most popular brand of floor liners, hands down. Here's a direct link to find the perfect set of WeatherTech liners for your A3.

Most Durable Carpet Options

These carpet mats are highly durable, with the Berber and Classic Loop option being the most durable. These are most similar to commercial-grade flooring like you'd see in commercial buildings with high foot traffic.

Personalized Floor Mats

Want to personalize your A3? Design your own set of personalized mats, and include your name, car nickname, or initials. With the Luxe option, you can include your initials on a leather badge that is embroidered into the mat.

Luxurious Options

If you're looking for a touch of luxury, these options will do the job. The Luxe mat is the most plush carpet mat you'll be able to find. The Ultimat option is a moderately priced option that still has a good amount of plushness, making it a great "in the middle" option.

Mats On A Budget

On a budget, but still want something that is high quality? Here are our hand-selected options for customers on a tighter budget.

Best With Work Boots (Heavier Duty)

These options are proven to stand the test of time. You can bring them through the ringer, and yet they'll still keep protecting your Audi. These are designed specifically to be tough, so they work great with work boots or heavy shoes.

Universal Fit Options

These options are all one-size-fits-all and can be trimmed along designated lines to give a "better" fit. These are the cheapest mat options available, but do not have raised edges, and will leave some areas around the edge exposed.

Are these available for the A3 Quattro?

Yes, no matter if you have the Quattro all wheel drive, or the front wheel drive, we have an option available for you.

In the cargo area, there is a difference in the floor pan between the Quattro and regular A3. We'll need to know which version you have in order to send you the correct set of liners.

A3: front wheel drive
A3 Quattro: all wheel drive

What A3 models are these made for?

These are made for the A3, as well as A3 Quattro and A3 Sportback e-tron.

What model years are these A3 mats made for?

We have car floor mats available for the 1998-2022 Audi A3. Availability varies by brand, please choose a selection above to select your vehicle.

Are these available for the Base model?

Yes, we have A3 mats available for the Base, as well as Ambiente, Attraction, Attraction Plus, S Line, LE, X Aniversario, Cabrio, Ambition, Advance, TDI, 100 Aniversario, Sportback 100 Aniversario, Sportback, 30 Aniversario, Sportback Attraction, Sportback 30 Aniversario, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige, Komfort, Progressiv, Technik, TDI Premium, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Prestige, TDI Komfort, TDI Progressiv, TDI Technik, Ultra, Dynamic, Select, Elite and Titanium.

Are these available for the Hatchback model?

Yes, we have mats available for the Hatchback, as well as Convertible and Sedan.

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